An Independent Lab Report - Flex-Test comparison on three brands of coated wire.

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Accu-Flex stainless steel wire offers a twisted look that adds texture to jewelry designs. Made of 7x7x7 non-nylon coated Accu-Flex, the strong wire holds heavy- weight focals, beads and pendants.

With a clear nylon exterior and colorful interior of twisted stainless steel, Accu-Cord beading wire color coordinates with Dione large-hole beads. Available in eight colors--including a glow-in-the-dark option.

Accu-Flex Tensile Strength Information

The tensile strength of beading wire is dependent on several factors: the material, the strand count, and the overall diameter of the wire. The following chart lists the tensile strength of each variety of Accu-Flex beading wire. Use this chart to help you select the right variety of Accu-Flex for your project.

 Accu-Flex Beading Wire Tensile Strength Info

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