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NEW! PMC silver and gold Precious Metal Clay

PMC can be fired at high and low temperatures, with flexible firing options, to create one-of-a-kind 99.9% silver and 22Kt gold designs. Available in PMC+ silver clay (including sheets), PMC3 silver clay (including syringe and slip) and PMC 22Kt Gold.

PMC is made with a water-based precious metal powder and an organic binder that, once fired, burns off, leaving only a fine silver or gold metal along with a non-toxic powder. Use the metal clay tools and supplies to clean off the powder and burnish to a shine.

Please note: Avoid using aluminum tools or materials when working with PMC.

  • 16 grams of low-fire PMC3 Silver
  • 6x6-inch non-stick work surface sheet
  • Clear acrylic brayer/roller with metal handle
  • Plastic guide/gauge strips
  • Wood ring mandrel and adjustable ring sizer
  • Cleaning tool/stainless steel spatula
  • Slide-locking tweezers
  • 9x11-inch wet/dry sandpaper sheets in #600, #1200 and #2000 grit
  • A set of 12 miniature needle files
  • 4x4x1-inch rubber block for stability during work
  • Self-igniting refillable butane torch (refillable butane torch shipped empty)
  • Nonflammable firing brick
  • Stainless steel wire brush with wooden handle
  • Cleaning tool/stainless steel spatula
  • Agate-tipped burnisher
  • Moonshine® polishing cloth
  • Instructional brochure, "Metal Clay Fundamentals" written by certified PMC and Senior Art Clay instructor, Tamara Honaman