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Introducing a fantastic new bead storage system which keeps you organized while giving you easy access to your materials. Developed by Elizabeth Ward, President of Elizabeth Ward & Company, LLC.
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  • Stackable bins and see-through lids and containers let you know your inventory with a glance

  • Patented "easy up-and-out" containers that have curved fronts for easy bead removal and side notches to easily grip, lift, slide and use

  • Mix-n-match containers in a variety of sizes let you make this storage system your own

Tool & Spool Bin™

This rectangular bin includes three separate removable caddies for organizing frequently used tools and supplies.

Supply Bin™

The Supply Bin allows designer-artists to conveniently store large tools and supplies, including small power tools, adhesives, patina agents and more.

  • 2-piece set:
  • (1) lid
  • (1) tray

Work in Progress Tray™

Ideal for those times when your jewelry making gets interrupted, this three-strand flocked beading tray comes complete with a transparent lid.

  • 3-piece set:
  • (1) tray
  • (1) lid
  • (1) bead design board

Tiny Container Bead Storage Tray™

This tray comes pre-loaded with the smallest size of Bead & Component Containers, ideal for seed beads, chatons, flat backs, findings, small spacers and more. Side notches on the patented "easy up-and-out" containers are textured and sized to be easy to grip, lift, slide and use.

  • 82-piece set:
  • (1) lid
  • (1) tray
  • (78) Tiny containers™ 2x1-1/8x3/4"
  • (2) sheets of removable labels
  • 88 individual labels

Assorted Bead Storage Tray™

This tray includes a variety of Bead & Component Containers, so designer-artists can select the appropriately sized container for every type of bead or finding.

  • 45-piece set:
  • (1) lid
  • (1) tray
  • (13) Tiny containers™ 2x1-1/8x3/4"
  • (16) Small containers™ 2x1-1/8x1/16"
  • (10) Medium containers™ 2x1-1/8x3/4"
  • (3) Large containers™ 3x2x1-1/8"
  • 44 individual labels


Beaders and jewelry makers can select a personalized mix of see-through Bead & Component Containers to turn the Supply Bin into additional storage for a variety of supplies.

  • Snap-shut lids keep contents secure
  • Patented "easy up-and-out" grip
  • Curved front for easy bead removal

Beads are photographed on packaging

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Assorted Bead Storage Tray™

Compact tray with transparent lid organizes Large, Medium, Small and Tiny Containers™ to reveal inventory at a glance. Tray stacks perfectly with all other Bead Storage Solutions™ bins and trays.

  • 2-piece set:
  • (1) lid
  • (1) tray

Bead Container Labels™

Removable labels help you to track inventory and record purchases. Labels are sized to fit Large, Medium, Small and Tiny Containers™ lids.

  • (8) sheets of removable labels
  • 96 individual labels