Homeward Dreams Project

New homeowner Angela with her children Issac and Bella, (center) are welcomed into their new home by Fire Mountain Gems owners Chris and Stuart Freedman, (left) and Homeward Dreams president Jeff Hyde with builder Tim Cummings, (right)

While many groups have talked about the need of affordable housing for working middle-income families in our region, Homeward Dreams is proud to say we have done something about it.

Homeward Dreams Affordable Housing Company and Dream Builder partners Fire Mountain Gems, Cummings Construction, Inc. and Brookhurst Development welcome the fifth home buyer of the Homeward Dreams program into her new home.

Angela became eligible to purchase this home through her employer and Dream Builder Partner Fire Mountain Gems. ''My goal has always been to own my home, but as a single parent, I found it difficult to be able to afford it,'' says Angela. ''Working for an employer who offers this opportunity gave me the chance to own this brand new beautiful home.''

Fire Mountain Gems was one of the first Dream Builder Partners to sign up with the program. ''I think this is a wonderful opportunity for first-time home buyers and I am proud to support the project,'' says Stuart Freedman, owner of Fire Mountain Gems. ''It is a brilliant plan that has not been done before.''

Also making this home possible are Michael Masters and Buck Baker of Brookhurst Development, who sold the lot to Homeward Dreams at a reduced rate, and Tim Cummings of Cummings Construction, Inc., who agreed to build the home with no profit or overhead.

The result is a beautiful home, that Tim and a host of subcontractors poured their hearts into. This home is full of the same upgrades and detail that Tim puts into all of his upscale homes. ''I did not want to skimp on anything,'' says Tim. ''I am glad to know that this hard working mom will be able to afford something nice for her two kids.'' This house would normally sell for approximately $250,000, but because of the support of our Dream Builder Partners, this home was made available for only $150,000.

All three Dream Builders have expressed their desire to continue as Dream Builder Partners in 2008. ''I think it is wonderful that Fire Mountain Gems has helped make this available for Angela,'' says Tim Cummings.''I am proud to be part of the kind of community partnership that Homeward Dreams is about.''

The Homeward Dreams program is designed to create affordable homes for working families in our community. These homes are targeted for families who make between $40,000 and $60,000. To be eligible, the family must be first-time home buyers and work for one of the businesses supporting the program. Ask your employer if they are part of Homeward Dreams or call Kathy Wallmann at Evergreen Federal Bank at 479-3351 if you have any questions about the program.

Brady Adams, President Evergreen Federal Bank

Jeffrey Hyde, Executive Vice President Evergreen Federal Bank President, Homeward Dreams

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