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by Stuart Freedman

Dear Designers,

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is pleased to announce that the largest consortium of gemstone bead cutters in India has appointed us their official distributor in North America.

This comes with two changes:
  1. Because of the difficulty of getting rough gem materials, they will no longer be cutting the low-grade materials; these are the strands we normally sell for $1 to $2.
  2. In return for our pledge to sell everything they can cut, they will lower their price by 50% or more on all materials.
Our buyers readily agreed to this arrangement, knowing that our designer customers would be delighted to get a supply of fine gems priced at least half-off.

We will implement these new prices immediately, starting with the current prices in the Web offering.

  • We usually can't predict what's coming in on the next shipment.
  • Once an item is sold out, it may show up again in the next shipment--or we may never see it again.
  • If you are selling to a steady customer, such as a department store, we recommend that you secure all of the material that you will need for the entire contract, from the beginning. These are not the same as our regular stock, where you can usually buy more as you go along. Once these are gone, they're gone.
  • You can mix and match these for our All Assortable pricing program.
  • Our Ironclad Guarantee applies to these products, as it does to all products you buy from Fire Mountain. You can return anything, for any reason, for a full refund--no time limit, no kiddin'.

We would like to thank our customers who have supported our India gemstone program over the years. Your support has made this appointment possible, and it is only right that you share in the benefits.

We wish we could take each of you to the Jaipur area of India and have you meet the families of the cutters who prepare these gemstones. These families are immensely grateful and thankful for your support. You should know that you are helping to forge an unbreakable bond between our country and India, (the largest democracy in the world).

Shop all designer India gemstrands

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