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Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®, America's Favorite Beading and Jewelry Supply Company, announces the innovations from Swarovski crystal for Spring/Summer 2010. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is one of the first US suppliers to receive the Swarovski crystal color and product innovations for the jewelry-making industry.

The brilliant innovations from Swarovski crystal for Spring/Summer 2010 celebrate an era of inventive freethinking and offer designer-artists a scintillating selection of materials with which to conjure something new.

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers the following new product innovations, along with many line additions (sizes and colors) in other popular shapes.

Air Blue Opal
Representing the color of the sky, light blue is a universally appealing color. The opalescent combination of tranquil blue and immaculate white displays an ethereal power. The result is a play of light that emits an inviting soft sheen and celestial-inspired essence.

Designing with Air Blue Opal
Create a monochromatic color-scheme by mixing with capri blue, Caribbean blue opal, aquamarine, indigo blue, cobalt and sapphire Swarovski crystals. Air blue opal also combines well with complementary colors such as fire opal, Indian red, dark red coral, hyacinth and the new red magma effect. The cool color tone of air blue opal showcases well with silver jewelry-making components, although its versatility lends itself to a multitude of design applications.

Crystal Red Magma
This effect resembles a deep cognac with its soft, warm color. The crystal red magma effect, with its gentle surface but powerful core, is the perfect complement for the Swarovski crystal effects range, adding both tenderness and strength at the same time.

Designing with Crystal Red Magma
This new attention-getting effect can stand alone as the primary design element or be used as a fiery accent in jewelry designs. Design with the complementary colors of emerald and palace green opal or the monochromatic colors of Indian red, Siam and dark red coral. The warm color tone brilliantly shines against gold-colored components for spectacular jewelry designs.

Crystal Platinum Pearl
The ultimate statement of luxury, the new Crystal Platinum pearl is both glamorous and refined while also elegantly understated. The silvery-white sheen of this new crystal coating spectacularly finishes the perfect imitation of a natural pearl.

Designing with Crystal Platinum Pearl
This smooth, lustrous color is timeless yet still contemporary and complements the entire line of crystal pearls and crystal colors. Pearls are more popular than ever--and the crystal platinum pearl mixes well with other metal-inspired pearl colors--such as gold, bronze, antique brass and copper. The soft platinum color is also a great complement to the subtle tones of cream or mauve and contrasts well with burgundy, Tahitian and night blue crystal pearls for a statement style.

Cosmic Oval Fancy Stone (Article No. 4137)
This highly contemporary design captivates with its innovative combination of contrasting smooth curves and asymmetric cut. Numerous application possibilities make this bold new shape an extremely versatile item with high visual impact.

Ring Bead (Article No. 5139)
The new and modern ring bead combines classic geometry with an innovative 3-hole design (horizontal through hole and a large hole in the middle) and is an ideal bead for new and playful combinations. The center hole is a perfect fit for 4mm beads and pearls offering the opportunity to explore new dimensions and textures in your designs.

Disk Pendant (Article No. 6039)
This timeless disk pendant offers completely new application possibilities with its generous hole that is an important element of the design. Its graphic shape exudes pure elegance and the high number of facets gives this perfect round shape particular brilliance.

Mini Triangle Fancy Stone (Article No. 4704)
A delicate fancy-shaped triangle stone is a brilliant addition to watches, eyewear and loose stone settings. Unique in the market, they perfectly match the mini/micro trend in fashion.

New Couture Line - Andrée Putman FANTASTIC FLOWER Pendants (Article No. 6904, 6905, 6906)
The FANTASTIC FLOWER range consists of highly differentiated couture statement pieces. Natural elements are transformed into beautiful crystal designs: Lily, Orchid and Dragonfly. Their unique and sophisticated cut underlines the organic appeal of the three shapes.

The Fantastic Flower Pendants were created in collaboration with the well-known designer Andrée Putman from Paris.

Lily Pendant (Article No. 6904)
Discover the exotic complexity of the lily pendant drop. The botany-inspired design gives jewelry designs a floral richness.

Dragonfly Pendant (Article No. 6905)
Inspired by nature, designs take flight with the dragonfly pendant bead. Add the enchanting dragonfly element to jewelry for a brilliant statement.

Orchid Pendant (Article No. 6906)
A natural element is transformed into a beautiful crystal design. A unique and sophisticated cut underlines the organic appeal of the orchid pendant bead.

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Products sold by Fire Mountain Gems and Beads® are intended for experienced jewelry-makers and designer-artists;
children 14 years of age or younger should use these products with adult direction.

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