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I am having trouble with crimping. The crimp beads don't often hold well even though I think I'm using my crimp pliers correctly. The crimps seem too big for the wire but I'm using the smallest ones I can find. I am crimping on Accu-Flex® 49-strand beading wire. Any suggestions?
- ClaudiaA.

When figuring out which crimp to choose, make sure you have room for double the diameter of the wire plus room for the crimping to be done properly. For example, make sure you separate the two wires passing through the crimp before securing the crimp. It is important for the crimp to be compressed between the two wires for a secure connection--this is where the ''C'' curve in the crimping pliers comes into play. If the wires are not separated by the metal of the crimp bead they have an easier time of slipping past each other.

Crimp beads come in a variety of sizes and should be bought in regard to the size Accu-Flex® Professional Quality Beading Wire you are using. Please use the chart below for reference:

0.012-inch Accu-Flex
1mm crimp bead
0.014-inch Accu-Flex
2mm crimp bead
0.019-inch Accu-Flex
2mm crimp bead
0.024-inch Accu-Flex
2mm, 2x3mm or 3x2mm crimp bead


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