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Please tell me the difference between ''lap joint'' and ''box joint'' pliers?
- Kerri
The joint on a pair of pliers refers to the area where the two jaws of the pliers and the handles come together and how this joint was constructed. Lap joint is when two different layers are brought together in an overlap and then secured in this arrangement. For joints which require movement, like pliers, this joint is secured in a way that allows it to pivot. This type of joint will be found in a manufacturer's economy line of hand tools.

Box joint pliers are more precise mechanisms where one layer is cut open, the other layer fed through and then the two layers are secured together inside the box. The box joint pliers will outlast lap joint pliers over time and use, due to their construction. (Lindstrom® and OHM brands are quality examples of this type.)

- Sandra Lupo, Metalsmith, Jewelry Instructor and Swarovski crystal Ambassador


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