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How do I determine the wire gauge in my wire inventory?
- Carolyn
To determine wire gauge use a wire gauge tool, manual millimeter/inch brass gauge or a digital caliper.

Wire Gauge Tool
The manual wire gauge tool is made of metal and has wire gauge size and thousandths of an inch markings. Place a straight wire against the slotted edge or wall of this tool. The correct wire gauge is determined when the straight wire sits at the opening of a slot, not within in.

Brass Sliding Gauge
The manual brass millimeter/inch gauge will determine millimeters and inches. Use the handy conversion chart linked in the Resource section below to determine gauge.

Digital Calipers
For ease and convenience, a digital caliper is a treat to use. It is battery operated and will give you exact millimeter and inch measurements. Insert the wire and close down the jaws around the object to be measured. Choose the measuring system and watch the readout. Have a conversion chart handy to convert millimeters to wire gauge. A conversion chart is linked in the below resources.

- Sandra Lupo, Jewelry Designer and Instructor, Swarovski Elements Ambassador


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