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 Using Omni-Gel™ Photo Transfer Liquid 

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Collection

: : : Materials : : :
  • Pliers, flush-cutters 
  • 1/4" or 1/2" brush for applying Omni-Gel™. You can use nylon watercolor brush, foam brush, or a foam roller. Each one will give a different texture to the Omni-Gel™ as it dries. If working a large surface area, you may want to use a 1 to 3 inch brush)
  • Lint free towel
  • Tray or bowl with cold water
  • Items with flat surface to accept photo transfer
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    Image Transfer Steps

    Step 1
    Find images of interest. These can be anything from magazines* or books*, or good quality photo copies of treasured photos with printer. (Do not use original photographs.)

    *Please be sure not to violate any copyright restrictions.
    Step 2
    Place on a clean surface. (Put down freezer paper or newspaper to protect work surface.)
    Step 3
    Apply the first thin coat of Omni-Gel™ directly to the image with a nylon brush. Work vertically (up and down), and cover the entire surface to be transferred plus about 1/2 inch past the transfer area, always brushing up and down. Let dry.

    Please Note: The thickness of your layers of Omni-Gel™, along with temperature and humidity will determine how long each layer of Omni-Gel™ will need to dry. In most cases, when the Omni-Gel™ is completely translucent, it is dry and you can proceed with the next step.
    Step 4
    Apply a second thin coat with nylon brush, perpendicular to the first coat. (Horizontally, or side to side.) Let dry.
    Step 5
    Apply the final thin coat of Omni-Gel™ with a nylon brush, going diagonally (top to bottom - at an angle). Let dry completely (at least 6 hours).
    Step 6
    After dried, trim off excess transfer material from your flat surface. Now you are ready to use the photo transfer piece in jewelry or craft projects.

    Applying Transfers

    Step 1
    Trim away extra paper from images leaving a 1/4" border around image.
    Step 2
    Place transfer, image gloss side up, in cold water for about 20 minutes.
    Step 3
    Take transfer image from water and place image side down on plastic tray, vinyl tablecloth, etc.
    Step 4
    Make sure image is smoothed down and is in contact with tray. If it's not, the image can stretch while removing the paper.
    Step 5
    Use your finger to roll away the paper from the back of the image. (Keeping the image moist while removing the paper helps.)
    Step 6
    When the majority of the paper is gone, use a lint free towel to clean off the rest.
    Step 7
    Place on flat surface and allow to dry.
    Step 8
    To mount on surface, use Omni-Gel™ as glue and paint a thin layer on the flat surface receiving the transfer. For a brush stroke effect, place the Omni-Gel™ coated side up, for smoother effect, place Omni-Gel™ coated side down.
    Step 9
    Press surfaces together eliminating all air bubbles. Use your fingers or a foam roller if you wish. After thoroughly dried, trim off any excess with sharp scissors.


    Work on a clean flat surface.

    Use a plastic tray, vinyl tablecloth, etc. to clean the image before adhering transfer. This reduces the possibility of the Omni-Gel™ material stretching and distorting the image.

    Plan to apply Omni-Gel™ to a large number of images to give plenty of style choices.

    Protect work surface (Omni-Gel™ is also a great glue). Use a nylon brush and clean with warm soapy water after use.

    Please Note: In most cases your transfer is translucent. Some card stock and buffed papers may leave a white finish on the back of the transfers. These will inhibit the clarity of the transfer. To correct, paint on a coat on Omni-Gel™ and let dry.
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