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 Ring with Seed Beads 

From the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Collection
To make a seed bead ring, choose your colors from Fire Mountain Gems' vast seed bead selection.

Please read the entire instruction sheet before beginning your ring.

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Step 1
Start with 3 feet of beading wire. String 3 beads to the center of the wire.
Step 2
Thread the other end of the wire through the beads so the ends point in opposite directions.
Step 3
Pull both ends of wire gently to tighten and center the wire, but don't pull so tight that the row of beads curves.
Step 4
String 3 more beads on one end and pass the other end through the beads. Pull both ends to tighten.
Step 5
Continuing the same way, make seven rows of 3 beads, one row of 4 beads, one row of 5 beads, one row of 6 beads, one row of 7 beads, one row of 8 beads, and two rows of 9 beads, following the pattern in figures 5 and 6 or the blue and clear ring. Keep the bead rows as straight as possible.
Step 6
Now repeat the pattern in reverse, starting with the row of 8 beads. It's probably easiest to tighten each row as you make it, but you might prefer to string the rows loosely and tighten the entire piece later.
Step 7
After tapering the pattern back to 3 beads, make as many rows as you need until the ring is long enough to fit around the intended finger.
Step 8
Join the ends by running the wire tails back and forth through several rows on the starting end. A small pair of chain-nose pliers helps to pull the wires tight in this step.

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