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Beading Instructions

 Using Ribbon Ends 

by Arbel, from the Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Studio

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Step 1
Choose the right size ribbon-end finding for the width of your ribbon. For example, a 13x6mm ribbon end will fit a 1/2 inch ribbon; a 6x5mm ribbon end will fit a 1/4 inch ribbon and so forth. You can always use a larger ribbon end for a narrower ribbon but not the other way around.
Step 2
Cut the ribbon slightly smaller then the total length of your necklace because the clasp will add to the total length.
Step 3
With your nylon jaw pliers close the ribbon end part way, leaving enough of an opening so that the ribbon slips in.
Step 4
Add a thin strip of the Ultimate! adhesive glue to the very tip of the ribbon on both sides.
Step 5
Hold the ribbon point up, then add the ribbon end to it and clamp down with the nylon jaw pliers.The pliers are slippery because of the plastic sliding against the metal, and you might need to work with them a bit--it's all worth it as the pliers don't mar the metal at all.
Step 6
Once the ribbon end is closed, do the same on the other side and set the ribbon aside. Before continuing, allow enough time for the glue to dry, following manufacturer's directions.
Step 7
Add a clasp of your choice.

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