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 Four Leaf Clover Bracelet and Earrings 

Instructions provided by WigJig
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Step 1
Cut a piece of 20-gauge wire 2-1/4 inches long.
Step 2
Make a loop in the end of the wire with the flush-cutters.
Step 3
Straighten this wire segment with your nylon jaw pliers.
Step 4

Position pegs 1 and 2 in your jig. Place your initial loop on peg 1 and wrap the wire around peg 2. Please note that there are two peg patterns shown for making this 4 Leaf Clover wire component. The smaller pattern on the right is slightly more difficult to finish.
Step 5
At this point you need to remove the wire from the jig and add peg 3 to your pattern. Replace the wire on the jig with the initial loop on peg 1 but with the loop made on peg 2 being placed on peg 3 instead.
Step 6
Now wrap the wire around peg 2 again, leaving the wire adjacent to the hole for peg 4.
Step 7
Add peg 4 and wrap the wire around this peg.
Step 8
Remove the wire from the jig and cut the excess wire. Close the final loop with your bent chain-nose pliers.
Step 9
Flatten and harden the finished piece by squeezing it in the jaws of your nylon jaw pliers.
Step 10
Make a total of seven of these 4 Leaf Clover wire components.
Step 11
Connect all seven wire components with wrapped bead links using 22- or 24-gauge wire.
Step 12
Connect the two wire components on the end to your clasp. If you use magnetic clasps use a guard chain made of fine commercial chain.
Step 13
Make matching earrings using either pattern shown.
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