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 Finishing Elastic and Powercord® 

Instructions by Tom Triplett, Content Development Manager, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Select the size and color elastic cording that is best suited for the design.

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Step 1
Using a ruler, measure a length of elastic cording suitable for your design, then add 4 inches so you have extra to tie a secure knot. Using scissors, cut the cording to the measured length.
Step 2
Give the cord several stretches to condition it.
Step 3
String on beads in desired pattern.
Step 4
Pick up the two ends of the elastic cord.
Step 5
While holding an end of the cording in each hand, overlap the strands of the cording twice, to begin a surgeon's knot.
Step 6
Pull the ends of the cording until the knot is cinched down to the beads and forms a circle in the cording, with little space between the two end beads.
Step 7
Overlap the ends of the cording one time. Pull tightly to finish the surgeon's knot.
Step 8
Tighten the knot, down to the beads.
Step 9
Add a drop of adhesive to the knot and pull the knot into the hole of a bead.
Step 10
Let glue dry per the manufacturer's recommendation.
Step 11
Once the glue is dry, trim off the excess cord close to the bead.
Tip: E6000® Jewelry and Craft Adhesive is a great glue to use when working with elastic cording. It is a strong holding, clear glue that remains flexible after curing.
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