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 Designing with Invisible Cording 

by Tim Cronkhite, Senior Customer Advocate, Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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Step 1
Cut a length of invisible cord long enough to accommodate the jewelry piece you are making.
Step 2
Add one 11/0 seed bead to the cord, loop back through the seed bead and tie a knot around the seed bead.
Step 3
Thread the cord down through the center of a clam shell bead tip.
Step 4
Pull the cord down until the seed bead is resting between the two sides of the bead tip.
Step 5
Add a drop of glue inside the cup of the bead tip and the knot on the seed bead.
Step 6
Using chain-nose pliers, gently close the two sides of the bead tip.
Step 7
Attach one side of the clasp to the bead tip by passing the hook of the clasp through the loop of the clasp.
Step 8
Using a pair of round-nose pliers, turn the end of the hook in until the hook is closed.
Step 9
Add 6 crystal bicones to the cord.
Step 10
Pass the end of the cord back through the first crystal going the same direction of the first pass, and pull both ends of the cord until a circle of crystals is created.
Step 11
Make sure the circle of crystals is where you want it on the thread, pull the circle tight.
Step 12
Add a drop of glue to the inside of the bead that has the thread crossed through.
Step 13
Repeat crystal circle designs in the same manner until you have the desired pattern.
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