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 Using the Kumihimo Square Plate to Create Square Braids 

Instructions by Michelle Wood, Jewelry-Making Expert, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
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Step 1
Using two colors, cut 4 strands of cord--2 strands of each color. Then fold in half. Cut another strand approximately 4 inches in length.
Step 2
Tie the 4-inch long strand around the folded ends to secure them together.
Step 3
Insert the folded cord ends into the center of the plate.
Step 4
Plate Set-Up
Placement of strands on plate directly affects the pattern of the finished braid.

Strand Placement
Hold the folded cord end firmly in place on the underside of the plate while setting up the face of the plate. Make sure the cords are tight in their slots. A weight on a clip can be added to the tail to help maintain tension as you braid.

One color is Top 5 and Top 8 and Bottom 6 and Bottom 7.

Second color is Right B and Right C and Left A and Left D.

Unlike braiding on a round disc, the square disc stays stationary and is not rotated as you braid.

Begin Braiding

Step 5
Bottom 6 to Top 6.
Step 6
Bottom 7 to Top 7.
Step 7
Top 5 to Bottom 6.
Step 8
Top 8 to Bottom 7.
Step 9
Reset: Top 6 to Top 5.
Step 10
Reset: Top 7 to Top 8.
Step 11
Right B to Left B.
Step 12
Right C to Left C.
Step 13
Left A to Right B.
Step 14
Left D to Right C.
Step 15
Reset: Left B to Left A.
Step 16
Left C to Left D.
Step 17
All cords should now be in original position from Step 4.

Repeat Steps 5 - 16 until braid reaches desired length.
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