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 Double-Strand Necklace with Imitation Turquoise Gemstone Beads and Cabochons and Soutache Braid 

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Mariana Mikhailyuk

Heaven Waterfall Necklace
: : : Materials : : :
  • Bead, Czech glass, turquoise, 5x8mm
  • Bead, Czech glass, light blue, 5x8mm
  • Bead, Czech glass, dark blue, 7x10mm
  • Bead, moonstone, 4mm round
  • Bead, imitation turquoise, 7mm round
  • Bead, imitation turquoise, 10x15mm
  • Bead, imitation turquoise, 10x12mm
  • Bead, imitation turquoise, 12x15mm rectangle
  • Bead, imitation turquoise, 15mm square
  • Seed bead, white, size 4
  • Seed bead, transparent blue, size 8
  • Cabochon, toning agate, 30x40mm
  • Soutache braid, light blue, turquoise and dark blue

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    Preparation and Tips

    Step 1
    It would be better to look through the soutache embroidery master-class in "Fashion Magazine" #3 (2011) first.

    Important! While you work, take care that your needle goes through the soutache braid just in the middle (so that it runs through the soutache groove). Before you start, cut off the frayed soutache ends and melt them with a cigarette lighter.

    Embroidering the Big Cabochon

    Step 2
    Picture 1
    Glue the cabochon onto a piece of cloth or felt. Let the glue dry. If you use a cabochon-bead, you do not need any cloth at all as you can sew soutache directly to your bead. Take two identical pieces of turquoise soutache, match their edges together and fix them with several stitches, going from the middle to their ends. Now sew it on the right and on the left side of your cabochon. Fix the two soutache ends together at the bottom (see Picture 1). Continue working with each soutache end separately, embroidering the pattern of Picture 2. When both sides of the pattern are finished, cut off, melt the soutache ends and hide them on the back side. Glue a piece of leather to the back side.

    Picture 2

    Embroidering the Square Turquoise Beads

    Step 3
    Picture 3

    Now take two lengths of light blue soutache, put them together and sew a few stitches in the middle working from the center to edges. Sew two lengths of dark blue soutache in the same way. Go around 15mm square turquoise bead working with light blue soutache from the one side and with dark blue soutache from another (see Picture 3). Fix the ends together and sew a turquoise bead between them.

    Go to the opposite side of the square bead passing light blue soutache through. Fix the two other soutache ends together in the same way.

    A tip: if you are using a cabochon instead of a cabochon-bead, you should glue it first to a piece of cloth or felt, as described for the big cabochon.
    Picture 4

    Now form a pattern (see Picture 4), working on one side of the square bead first and then repeating the same in the mirror image on the other side. Cut off. Melt the cut ends with a cigarette lighter and hide them under the nearest bead. Cut some small pieces of leather and glue them on top of the cut ends.

    Embroidering Rectangular Turquoise Bead

    Step 4
    Picture 5
    Take four blue soutache pieces of the same length. Divide them into two pairs and sew together (as described above). Fix a rectangular turquoise bead between them (see Picture 5). Embroider a pattern shown in Picture 6: work on one side of the bead first, and then repeat the same on the other side in the mirror image.

    Picture 6

    Assembling the Necklace

    Step 5
    Picture 7
    Assemble the parts together referring to the photograph as a guide. Decorate the edges of each motif with neck ribbon (Picture 7). Pass a length of satin ribbon through the beaded eyelets on the end of the neck ribbon.

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