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 Single-Strand Necklace and Earring Set with Seed Beads and Pearls 

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Margarita Lukina

Palm Sunday Set
: : : Materials : : :
  • Bead, silver metal, 4mm flat (D)
  • Pearl, 8x12mm oval (C)
  • Seed bead, Czech, dark silver metallic, size 10 (A)
  • Seed bead, Czech, transparent with silver line inside, size 10 (B)
  • Bead caps, silver, 6mm (E)
  • Clasp, with pearl
  • Earwires from blackened silver
  • Thread
  • Needle

  • Optional:

  • Beads, metal 
  • Seed and bugle beads 
  • Bead caps 
  • Clasps 
  • Earwires 
  • Thread 
  • Beading needles 

  • The capital letters above are the bead key identifiers, which are referenced throughout the instructions.
    End of Materials List
    Step 1


    Figure 1

    Figure 2

    Picture 1
    Work 9-bead tubular peyote stitch in A (Fig. 1), 36cm long. You should get a hard but flexible rope. Work two decorative elements in A beads (Fig. 2) and attach them to the ends of the rope, going through the beads marked * in Fig. 2. Now attach a set of beads and findings to each end. Pick up like this: 1 D, 1 E, 1 C, 1 E, 1 D, 1 A and a clasp. Go back through each set 2 or 3 times to secure it, and tie off (Picture 1). It will make about 40cm total length.
    Step 2
    Picture 2
    Attach 16 pearl beads C to the rope chequer-wise, leaving approximately 2cm space between them. See Picture 2 to know how to fix those pearl beads using B for stopper beads.
    Step 3
    Figure 3a

    Figure 3b

    Figure 3c
    Bead 16 leaves in A (Fig. 3a to 3c). Attach the leaves to the rope from the outer side of pearls, trying to make them look like pussy willows.


    Step 1
    Bead two leaves in A, (Fig. 3). Attach a length of thread to one of the earwires. Pick up 1 D, a leaf, 1 D, 1 C, 1 D, 1 B. Go there and back through all these elements for several times to secure (Picture 3). Repeat the same for another earring.

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