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 Single-Strand Necklace with Carnelian Gemstone Cabochons, Seed Beads and Silk Tassel 

Courtesy of Fashion Magazine

Design by Alexandra Sydorenko

The Orange Song
: : : Materials : : :
For Kumihimo Rope:
  • Jumprings (2 jumprings)
  • Eyepins (2 eyepins)
  • Glues and adhesives 
  • Kumihimo disks 
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, orange, #6
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, beige, #6
  • Rope end (2 rope ends)
  • Closure
  • Kumihimo thread
  • Kumihimo spool

  • For Pendant:
  • E-6000 Jewelry and Craft adhesive 
  • Scissors 
  • Cabochon, carnelian, 3x5mm drop-shape (1 cabochon)
  • Cabochon, carnelian, 1cm round (1 cabochon)
  • Seed bead, glass, metallic bronze, #11 toho
  • Seed bead, Delica glass, transparent silver-lined semi-matte orange, #11
  • Seed bead, Czech glass, bright yellow, #16
  • Tassel
  • Beading thread
  • Felt
  • Leather

  • Optional:
  • Seed and bugle beads 
  • Cabochons, carnelian 
  • Cord ends 
  • Tassels 
  • Clasps 
  • Huggy Spool®
  • Beading foundations 
  • Thread and cord 
  • End of Materials List

    Beaded Kumihimo Rope

    Step 1
    Cut 8 pieces of thread, each about 120 cm long.
    Step 2
    Picture 1
    Slide 23-25cm of orange beads onto 4 of the threads, and 23-25cm of light beige beads onto the other four. This will allow you to make a chain about 38-40cm long. (Picture 1)
    Step 3
    Picture 2
    Twist one end of each of the threads on a separate spool. Tie all the remaining ends together with a knot. (Picture 2)
    Step 4
    Picture 3

    Picture 4
    Pick up the kumihimo disc and place the knot at the center. Distribute the threads, securing them into the notches, as shown in Pictures 3 and 4.
    Step 5
    Picture 5

    Picture 6
    Holding on to the knot at the center, pull the threads up, as shown in Pictures 5 and 6.
    Step 6
    Picture 7

    Picture 8
    Begin the braiding of the rope. Braid a small piece (approximately 2cm) just with the threads, not using any beads. Move the threads in a clockwise direction. Hold you kumihimo disk in your left hand, securing the threads above the knot with your thumbs, and fixing the knot between your middle and point fingers underneath the disk. (Picture 7) Remove the thread from notch 31-32 and place it into notch 17-18. (Picture 8) You should have one thread on top and three on the bottom of the disk. Next, remove the thread from notch 15-16 and place it into the 1-2 notch.
    Step 7
    Picture 9
    Turn your kumihimo disk 90 degrees counterclockwise. Carry the thread in notch 7-8 over in to the notch 35-36, and the thread in notch 23-24 into notch 9-10. Turn the disk 90 degrees counterclockwise again and carry over thread 16-17 into notch 2-3, and thread 32-1 into notch 18-19, and again turn the disk. Going in a circle, braid about 1.5-2cm following this pattern from threads. (Picture 9).
    Step 8
    Picture 10

    Picture 11

    Picture 12
    Next, repeat the basic pattern of braiding the rope, but adding one bead at a time. (Pictures 10, 11, and 12) It’s important to keep an eye on the tension on the threads; if they are too loose, the rope will be lumpy and uneven.
    Step 9
    Picture 13

    Picture 14
    After you finish your beaded kumihimo rope, braid about 1-2cm extra just with thread. Secure the ends using thread and needle, as shown in Pictures 13 and 14.
    Step 10
    Picture 15

    Picture 16
    Attach eyepins to the ends. (Pictures 15 and 16)
    Step 11
    Picture 17

    Picture 18
    Secure the ends with glue, and cut off excess of braided rope. Put one seed bead on each eyepin. (Pictures 17 and 18)
    Step 12
    Picture 19

    Picture 20
    Put a cap/rope end on each eyepin, and bend both eyepins into nice loops. (Pictures 19 and 20)
    Step 13
    Picture 21
    Using jumprings, attach a closure to the rope. (Picture 21)


    Step 1
    Picture 22
    Glue the cabochon to the piece of felt. Sew on the first row of Delica beads around it. Bezel the cabochon in the peyote technique. (Picture 22) Sew on one more row with bronze Toho seed beads, and cut off excess felt.
    Step 2
    Picture 23
    Attach the tassel to the backing of the cabochon, as shown in Picture 23.
    Step 3
    Picture 24
    On a piece of heavy paper, outline the bezeled cabochon. Mark another outline inside the shape, 2mm closer to the center than the previous line. (Picture 24) Cut out the shape using the second line.
    Step 4
    Picture 25

    Picture 26
    Glue the piece of paper to the back of the felt on the cabochon. (Pictures 25 and 26)
    Step 5
    Picture 27
    Glue a piece of leather to the entire backing of the cabochon, and cut off excess leather. (Picture 27)
    Step 6
    Picture 28
    Finish the edge of the bezeled cabochon, as shown in Picture 28.
    Step 7
    Using the bronze Toho seed beads, make a strip in the peyote technique. The dimensions of this strip should be 30 seed beads in length and 13 rows wide. On one edge of the strip, add one more row in the brick Stitch technique. The number of seed beads in each of the strips must be the same, as these will later be connected together by pairs.
    Step 8
    Picture 29

    Picture 30
    Put a drop of glue on the back of the smaller carnelian cabochon, and glue it to the peyote strip. (Pictures 29 and 30)
    Step 9
    Picture 31
    Bezel the smaller cabochon. (Picture 31)
    Step 10
    Picture 32

    Picture 33

    Picture 34

    Picture 35
    Sew the ends of the peyote strip together, as shown in Pictures 32 and 33. For stability, sew it again, going in the opposite direction. (Picture 34) You should have a cylinder, as shown in Picture 35.
    Step 11
    Picture 36
    Connect the cylinder and the large cabochon, as shown in Picture 36. Slide the pendant onto the rope.

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