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by Barbara van Look, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

Oh sure, it's been called "robin's egg" or "forget-me-not" blue, but every admirer of fine jewelry knows what it's really called.

Tiffany Blue.

Tiffany Blue is a particular shade of turquoise. It carries a legacy of glamour, elegance and flawless style. Brides love it--and it's showing up again in wedding invitations, jewelry, flowers, décor items and gifts for the bridal party.

Queen Victoria had made turquoise fashionable at her 1840 wedding by giving each of her bridesmaids a turquoise brooch shaped as a bird. Soon, other brides during the Victorian era followed her lead. Turquoise--and the various shades of turquoise blue--remained a popular choice for the rest of the 19th Century. Turquoise was immensely popular in 1845 when Charles Tiffany was doing business in New York City, so it became the signature color of his store: Tiffany and Co.®

Brides can tap into the tradition of turquoise in their wedding planning by adding turquoise and turquoise colors to their jewelry, table décor, bridesmaids' gifts and more. Turquoise colors work brilliantly with white, silver or clear backgrounds. They make a sophisticated choice with black in an elegant evening affair. And they go lightly into spritely summer midday weddings while mixed with cream and pastel shades. The choices are endless!

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