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Backward Necklaces: Fashin Forward Wedding Bling
Backward Necklaces: Fashin Forward Wedding Bling
by Brett Wilder, Marketing Content Development Group, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

In 2013, Academy Award-winning actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway sported backward-worn necklaces on the red carpet at the Oscars. The celeb-fashion police took notice, and the style twist is seeing increased popularity in jewelry design trends. The backward necklace really shines with wedding and other formal-occasion wear.

You savvy accessory types probably know that the backward necklace is not exactly new. Most probably recall Nicole Kidman wearing a backward pendant in a recent Chanel ad. The late Princess Di was known for finishing an evening dress with a long pearl strand down her back, and the look was favored by fashionable ladies of the Jazz Age.
Backward Necklaces: Fashin Forward Wedding Bling

Design Idea 9B73 Bib-Style Necklace
All of this history leads up to the most important day of all: the wedding that you are having, participating in or designing for. The bride and her bridesmaids look lovely in backless gowns; the backward necklace and designs that incorporate down-the-back components are great ways to flatter those beautiful backs.

Lariat-style necklaces--you've seen them on jazz-baby "flappers"--are made up of a long chain, bead strand or rope of woven beads, either passing through an open ring finding as a closure or simply knotted. This leaves the lariat ends below the clasp or knot as swinging dangles. Usually worn in front, the lariat can be easily reversed, resulting in a face-framing choker in front and back-beautifying dangles down the back.

When creating other wedding necklace designs, the back necklace effect can be created by simply designing with additional length and positioning the clasp several inches before the end of strand. This will create a "tail" that hangs down the wearer's back between her shoulders. You can even specifically design decorative dangles that can be attached to the back of necklaces to complement open- or low-backed attire.

And while the backward necklace is great with formal styles worn at weddings, Sweet 16s, New Year's parties and other dressy occasions, the opportunities to beautify a back do not stop there: what could be a lovelier touch with a light summer dress or even swimwear than a coordinating backward-worn shining chain or colorful necklace?

Design Idea C24E Single-Strand Necklace
Design Idea D15W Dress Accessory

Dazzle them both coming and going. Backward necklaces double your opportunities to create amazing accessories.

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