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Brides in Bloom

by Susanne Kathol, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

The wedding industry is in full bloom as brides are arranging flowers in much more than just their bouquet. Sprouting up in décor, cake decorations, invitations, dress embellishments, hair accessories and most notably jewelry, flowers are making brides and weddings beautiful. Floral motifs offer a symbolic representation of love, birth, unity, growth and connection, making them a perfect addition to any wedding celebration. Find a selection of hand-picked floral wedding jewelry designs, jewelry-making product suggestions and a birth month guide to flowers, for creative inspiration and on-trend style for the entire wedding party.

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Brides are showcasing roses, daises, irises, carnations and more in statement jewelry designs. Incorporate flowers into jewelry with floral-shaped beads, components, clasps, pendants, brooches and more. Designers can also create blooming elements within a piece by wire-wrapping cultured freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal or other beads of choice in floral shapes. Flowers add color and dimension, a natural femininity and visually pleasing effect to jewelry.

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Design Idea A15N Bracelet

Brides can incorporate their birth month flower into wedding day jewelry and use in combination with their future spouses' birth month flower as well, to symbolize the union. The colors of birth month flowers can also be included in designs. Here's a guide to birth month flowers and what their beautiful blooms represent:

Birth Month Flower
Purity, luck, love, affection, beauty, admiration, gratitude
Faith, valor, wisdom, friendship, hope, promise in love, passion
Happiness, faith, honesty, joy, new beginnings, rebirth
Daisy/Sweet Pea
Innocence, purity, everlasting love
Honor, purity of heart, symbolic of unions and partnerships
Romance, love, passion, perfection
Loving and open heart, commitment
Strength, honesty, dependability
Love, faith, wisdom
Affection, elegance, grace
Optimism, happiness
Good cheer, merriment, joy

The right floral jewelry can really set the mood and tone for a wedding, such as incorporating tropical flowers into designs for beach or summer ceremonies, or poinsettias for a winter affair.

Flower Beads and Components

Brighten up the entire wedding party with jewelry for everyone including the bridesmaids/attendants and mother of the bride and groom. Simple to make dangly floral earrings, similar to the design ideas included below, make stunning gifts and sweet style statements. Flower charms and pendants can also be easily attached to chain for pendant necklaces and charm bracelets.

Design Idea 7386 Necklace
Design Idea D613 Earrings

Wrap up blooming jewelry gifts in floral-patterned presentation boxes and gift bags. Brides can also use these as wedding favors; just fill with candy or chocolate for guests to enjoy.

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