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Name: Becky Bilodeau

Favorite Charity: Relay for Life Cancer Walk


The Relay for Life Cancer Walk in Gardner, Mass. is the largest in New England. This year we hope to raise 1 million dollars. My name is Becky, I belong to a social club called The Beagle Club. We are forming our team of volunteers aptly named "Hunting for the Cure." I am making bracelets to raise money for our team, the stretch bracelets are made from acrylic beads and the pewter ribbon. They are being sold for $6.00 and ALL of the money is going to be donated. My supplies all come from Fire Mountain of course.

Our entire community gets together to host an amazing event that is newsworthy. Our small city is one of the biggest fundraisers in all of New England. I am so proud of everyone who volunteers because everyone is affected in some way by cancer.

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