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 Summer Holidays Chain Mail Ring with Swarovski Crystal 

Summer Holidays Chain Mail Ring with Swarovski Crystal

Get inspired by Swarovski design team's limitless imagination. Magical project ideas bring a new dimension to simple techniques.

Step 1
Open 75 jumprings (6mm) sideways with flat-nose pliers.
Step 2
Slide 4 closed jumprings onto one open jumpring and close.
Step 3
With another open ring pass through 2 closed rings, add 2 more closed rings, and close the open jumpring. Repeat this step 9 times.
Step 4
Start adding a new row of rings. Take an open ring and pass it through 2 rings as you see in the illustration then close. Repeat eleven times.
Step 5
Repeat step 4 four times so that you have 4 rings in each column.
Step 6
On one end of this chain add 3 more rings. See illustration for positioning.
Step 7
Turn chain to connect both ends. Open the ring in the middle of the 3 that were added in step 6 and pass it through the corresponding 2 rings of the other side and close it (see magnifier in illustration).
Step 8
Open the jumpring which is marked with an arrow head in the first picture of the illustration. Turn to form a ring and attach the open jumpring onto the 2 corresponding rings on the other edge and close the ring.
Step 9
Place the Swarovski crystal Crystal Pearl article 5810 10mm Crystal Platinum Pearl in the setting as you see in the illustration. Temporarily attach it in the right position by passing a needle or straight wire through the middle of the pearl.
Step 10
Use another piece of wire and pass it through all rings underneath the pearl. Both wire ends should be about the same length. Pass one end through the 4 rings again. You can adjust your ring size by pulling both ends of this loop.
Step 11
Pass both ends of the wire through the Crystal Pearl replacing the needle (from opposite sides--see illustration). With one wire make a knot around a jumpring and cut the rest of this wire end off.
Step 12
Slide on one Swarovski crystal Bead article 5000 4mm Air Blue Opal onto the other wire end and pass it through the jumpring next to the bead (see illustration). Repeat this step 8 times (all around the ring).
Step 13
Slide one Swarovski crystal Pendant article 6007 9x5mm Light Sapphire onto wire and repeat step 12. When the row is finished, make a knot with wire around a jumpring and cut end of wire off.
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