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 Single-Strand Necklace with Brass Beads Drops and Focals and Recycled Glass Beads 

Single-Strand Necklace with Brass Beads Drops and Focals and Recycled Glass Beads
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Old World Meets New World

-- Designer --

Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

To learn more about Tammy Honaman, read her jewelry artist success story here

: : : Materials : : :

  • Bead, antiqued gold-finished ''pewter'' (zinc-based alloy), 5x2mm dotted rondelle (2 beads)
  • Bead, antiqued gold-plated brass, 6mm filigree round (1 bead)
  • Bead, antiqued gold-plated brass, 8mm smooth round (1 bead)
  • Bead, recycled glass, light to dark aqua, 10-13mm handmade round with hand-sanded etched surface (13 beads)
  • Focal, colored brass, bright teal patina, 30mm double-sided top-drilled flat round (1 focal)
  • Focal, brass, 32x32mm double-sided flat square blank with (2) 4x2mm holes (1 focal)
  • Focal, brass, 34mm single-sided flat round with embossed snowflake design and 2mm hole (1 focal)
  • Drop, antiqued brass-plated pewter (tin-based alloy), 14x5mm teardrop (1 drop)
  • Drop, antiqued brass, 17x16mm single-sided flat arch frame with rope edge, 14.5x12.5mm arch setting (1 drop)
  • Drop, brass, 22x14mm double-sided flat rectangle blank with 1.3mm hole (1 drop)
  • Drop, brass, 25mm double-sided flat round blank with 1.3mm hole (1 drop)
  • Drop, brass, 28x25mm single-sided rectangle with 23x20mm non-calibrated cabochon setting (1 drop)
  • Drop, colored brass, bright teal patina, 26x11mm double-sided marquise (1 drop)
  • Link, antiqued brass-finished ''pewter'' (zinc-based alloy), 5x4mm round (9 links)
  • Link, antiqued brass-plated ''pewter'' (zinc-based alloy), 7mm puffed round (1 link)
  • Bead cap, antiqued brass-finished ''pewter'' (zinc-based alloy), 5mm lacy cone, fits 6mm bead (2 bead caps)
  • Component, brass, 24mm single-sided fancy flat round (1 component)
  • Brad, brass, 7x4mm flat head, 16 gauge (4 brads)
  • Washer, brass, 7mm single-sided flat round flower with pressed petal design and 1.4mm hole (1 washer)
  • Washer, brass, 9.5mm double-sided flat round blank with 1.5mm hole (1 washer)
  • Jumpring, antiqued gold-plated, 6mm round, 18 gauge (20 jumprings)
  • Jumpring, antiqued gold-plated brass, 6mm fancy round, 20 gauge (3 jumprings)
  • Eyepin, antiqued brass-plated steel, 1-1/4 inch, 21 gauge (1 eyepin)
  • Clasp, toggle, antiqued brass-plated ''pewter'' (zinc-based alloy), 16mm round (1 clasp)
  • Chain, antiqued brass-plated steel, 3x2mm flat cable link
  • Chain, antiqued gold-plated brass, 5.5mm flat round with diamond cut-out
  • Wire, Wrapit, jeweler's bronze, dead soft, round, 22 gauge
  • Leather scraps, turquoise
  • Crafting paper, multicolored, 8x8 inch double-sided square with ''Once Upon a Springtime'' design, 10 total patterns
  • Polishing paper, green, 400 grit, 5x5 inch square
  • Ball peen hammer
  • Tool set, beading awl
  • Tool, steel, 3-3/4x3/4 inch square bench block
  • Embosser folder, QuicKutz, blue, 5-3/4 x 4-1/4 inch rectangle with swirl designs, A2 series
  • Embosser folder, QuicKutz, blue, 5-3/4 x 4-1/4 inch rectangle with snowflake designs, A2 series
  • Pliers, hole-punch, EURO TOOL, 1.8mm punch
  • Mallet
  • Dapping punch set, steel
  • Adhesive, Mod Podge Gloss-Lustré glue sealer
  • Jeweler's grade resin, ICE Resin 2-part formula, crystal clear
  • Non-stick art sheet, Teflon, white, 6x6 inch
  • Scissors 
  • Pliers, flush-cutter 
  • Pliers, chain-nose 
  • Pliers, flat-nose 
  • Pliers, round-nose 
  • Center punch
  • 3/64 inch drill bit
  • Scrap piece of wood
  • Permanent marker
  • End of Materials List
    Combining antiqued brass finding and components with the cool blue of recycled glass beads, embossed patina drops and vintage papers gives this necklace a vintage appeal.
    Step 1
    Form the components for the necklace. Each component can be made to suit your design, follow the individual how-tos in the additional resource section below to create them as seen.
    Step 2
    Using jumprings, connect the domed pendant to the center "point" of the bail.
    Step 3
    Using jumprings, connect a link to two spots on one side of the bail.

    Connect enough links to form a small section of chain.
    Step 4

    Using jumprings, connect the embossed link to each length of chain. The embossed link in this necklace hits just below the collarbone.
    Step 5
    Using a jumpring connect an ICE Resin framed pendant to a hole in the embossed link.
    Step 6
    Cut a length of cable chain. Cut the head off a headpin. Form a double-wrapped loop connector, capturing the loop on the toggle ring half of the clasp with one wrapped loop and the last link of chain with the other wrapped loop.

    Thread blue recycled beads onto the chain. Thread a filigree bead onto an eyepin. Form a wrapped loop on the other end of the eyepin to form a filigree component. Open the simple loop on the filigree component and add it to the length of chain.

    Use a jumpring to connect the wrapped loop of the filigree component to the single hole on the embossed link.
    Step 7
    Repeat Step 3. Join the two links together with a jumpring then add more links to form a single length of chain.
    Step 8
    Repeat Step 4 connecting the chain just made to the square link.

    Using a jumpring, add a length of round link chain to the square link. As an embellishment--using a twisted jumpring, add a round link to the chain and the jumpring connecting the square pendant.
    Step 9
    Use a jumpring to connect the square frame ICE Resin pendant to the round link chain.
    Step 10
    Use a jumpring to connect the other half of the toggle clasp to the round link chain.
    : : : Additional Resources : : :
  • ''Making a Wrapped Loop and Double-Wrapped Loop'' how-to video and illustrated instructions
  • ''Making a Simple Loop'' how-to video and illustrated instructions
  • ''Opening a Jumpring'' how-to video and illustrated instructions
  • ''Old World Square Link'' illustrated instructions
  • ''Old World Domed Pendant'' illustrated instructions
  • ''Embossed Patina Pendant'' illustrated instructions
  • ''ICE Resin Frame Pendant'' illustrated instructions
  • ''Creating a Folded Bail'' how-to video and illustrated instructions
  • ''How to use the Epic Six QuicKutz® Embossing Tool'' illustrated instructions
  • End of Additional Resources

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