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 Ring with Brass Focals, Czech Fire-Polished Glass Bead and Seed Beads 

Ring with Brass Focals, Czech Fire-Polished Glass Bead and Seed Beads
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Sun Ring

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Tammy Honaman, Author, Jewelry-Making Expert and Educator, Exclusively for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®

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Step 1
Place the sun stamping into the largest depression in the dapping block.

Tip: When dapping, you want to work slowly, so approach this with patience. If you move the metal too quickly it will crease rather than curve.

Place the largest dapping punch on top of the sun and strike the top of the punch with the rawhide mallet. Repeat, working your way around the sun, forming it to the shape of the dapping block depression.

Repeat in smaller depressions until the sun is domed as you would like it.
Step 2
Using a permanent marker, make a mark at the center of the domed sun. Place the sun onto a piece of wood. Using the rawhide mallet, strike the center punch placed on the mark to create a depression where the drill bit can catch. Drill a hole at the mark (I used the Foredom® Flexshaft).

Drill a hole through the center opening on the link so the holes are the same size and can accommodate the brad.
Step 3
Place the brad through the different layers in your design.

Design as shown: brass flower, brass washer, flattened lacy cone bead cap (flattened on a steel block using a rawhide hammer), the sun stamping and the center hole of the focal link.
Step 4
Place the assembly upside down on top of the largest dapping punch. Press all of the layers together then trim the brad so it is about 1/8" long. Be sure to cover the piece of wire that will be cut off so it doesn't go flying.
Step 5
Using the ball peen hammer, strike the end of the brad, working around the brad so you move the metal outward and so it's flat.
Step 6
Hold the assembly against the ring mandrel and bend the focal link around the mandrel to form the ring shape.

Tips: Use round-nose pliers to form the ends further, if needed.

If the space between the ends is too large, consider adding a strand of beads to fill the gap as seen in design above which shows seed beads strung on Powercord®, finished with a surgeon's knot and a drop of adhesive.

The sun stamping has a hole at the tip of one "ray"; consider adding beaded dangles and links as seen in this project.
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