Wire Jigs WigJig D41-3551TL
Limited Quantity

WigJig® pegs, plastic / steel / aluminum, white, 14.5x12.5mm-51x16mm. Sold per 18-piece set.

Sorry, this item is no longer available.

Item Number: D41-3551TL

Make spirals quickly, easily and without plier marks with the patented WigJig® premium peg set. Insert base peg into a wire jig and start spiraling! Includes six plastic bases with steel pegs and 12 with aluminum pegs and complete instructions. Use one or more wires at a time. Works best with soft wire: copper, brass, sterling silver or dead-soft 14Kt gold-filled. It is more difficult to make tight spirals with half-hard or hard wire. Manufacturer recommendation: peg spiral makers in the premium set are designed to be used with the Olympus and Olympus-Lite WigJigs®. Set includes six plastic bases with 2mm steel pegs and 12 plastic bases with 2mm aluminum pegs in the following sizes: (2) 14.5x12.5mm, (2) 15x4.5mm, (2) 15x6mm, (2) 15x8mm, (2) 15x9mm, (2) 15x11mm, (1) 16x15mm, (1) 19x15mm, (1) 22x21mm, (1) 25.5x15mm, (1) 38x16mm and (1) 51x16mm.

Made in the USA

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