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PMC PRO™ Precious Metal Clay, high strength fine silver. Sold per 25-gram pkg.

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Item Number: A35-5292BS

PMC PRO™ is a formula of precious metal clay with three times the bending strength of original PMC after firing. With higher tensile strength and surface hardness, PMC PRO™ is ideal for use in hinges, rings and other projects where strength is important. It can be worked in the same way as fine silver clays. Add gold or enamel accents, and solder with an easy or medium solder. Hard solder is too close to the melting point of PMC PRO™, and should not be used.

With a longer working time, PMC PRO™ carves beautifully, joins easily and can be shaped into beads, pendants and other jewelry pieces using simple hand tools or just fingers. Conventional metal clay tools can be used with PMC PRO™ but it is important to clean the tools thoroughly before and after use with other clays. PMC PRO™ must be fired in coconut-based activated carbon at 1400 ° F. Shrinkage is 15-20%.

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