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Multipen, enamel, rose, 0.4mm applicator tip included. Sold per 2-fluid ounce bottle.

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Item Number: D51-5487BS

Squiggle, paint, squeeze and splatter. Create intricate designs on glass, ceramic, metal and more with liquid enamel multipens. Mix with other enamel multipen colors for diverse color combinations. Easy to use on many types of glass COE's including 90 and 96. Fires in glass fusing kiln at 1400-1500 degrees Fahrenheit (750-850 degrees Celsius).

Sometimes the fine particles and liquid separate and need to be worked back together with more than shaking the container. If needed, use a wooden skewer or metal tool to blend the materials back together. In the instance more liquid needs to be added to the enamels, use distilled water.

If the liquid evaporates completely, put on a dust mask, break up the dry solid so it is more of a powder and then add distilled water (do not completely fill the container so you have room for stirring later). Cover the container and let it sit overnight. Use the skewer or metal tool to blend the contents together. Once blended, check the consistency again then add more water as needed.

Dishwasher safe after firing. Non-toxic.

Made in the USA

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Limited Quantity
Multipen, enamel, bright orange, 0.4mm applicator tip included. Sold per 2-fluid ounce bottle.

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