An alternative to pricier gems and diamonds, the clarity of synthetic cubic zirconia is unparalleled. Often colorless, this flawless diamond simulant is also available in a variety of colors mimicking popular gemstones.

Amber is fossilized tree resin and may contain particles of various organic materials such as plants or trapped insects as well as air bubbles--which often enhances its value. Identified as a fashionably diverse gemstone, amber can be stylishly paired with various metals and gemstones.

Known as a softer metal with an affordable price, copper remains a popular medium for wireworking, metalwork, jewelry designs, home decor and more. The reddish tones of copper add a warm quality to the metal.

Bloodstone beads from India, also called heliotrope, contain deep green and white chalcedony with sporadic crimson red spots. Indian Bloodstone is a hard gemstone that takes a nice polish, enhancing designs with its satin-like finish.

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