The Technical Guide trend has an abundance of the color spectrum's most vibrant tones standing out against glistening metal components and structured design combinations. Jewelry has a sole purpose of attracting attention. Create fall and winter jewelry lines using these energizing colors and techniques.

Generated by a palette of scientific brilliance, Technical Guide's colors are bright, bold and full of intensity. The man-made colors of dazzling blue, jelly bean green and aurora electrify designs with their dynamic display. Base tones of shaded spruce, twilight blue and blue graphite add depth to the contrasting optimism of orchid hush, fuchsia rose and hyacinth violet.

A key element for making jewelry in the Technical Guide style is the use of color blocking to feature patterns atop a variety of metallic materials. Use jewelry-making products such as shiny chain or smooth, reflective cuffs or focals to create a backdrop for bursts of dynamically colored glass beads, crystals and faceted acrylic.

Colors: Bright, bold and stunning. Showcasing dazzling blue, jelly bean green, fuchsia rose and other lively colors.

Materials: A mixture of shiny chain or smooth polished metals with solid-colored glass beads and gems.

The Look: Color blocking patterns atop metallic materials. Smooth reflective surfaces showcase bursts of energetic color.

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