Veda is alive with rich gemstones and copper finishes. Natural and mysterious, the Veda trend features glimpses of ancient symbols and writings; sacred terms such as "om" are somewhat hidden in beads and designs.

Hues of copper, orange, red and mahogany make up the spicy tones of the Veda color palette. Darker organic shades of pine, brown stone and licorice offer an earthy feel. Contrasting dark and light metals--especially antiqued copper and black--give the impression of light shining through darkness.

Create Veda jewelry designs with copper chain, metal beads and findings. Include dangles of long chain or gemstone chips in necklaces and earrings. Experiment with a colorful selection of agates, ambers, jaspers and jades. Incorporate dZi and eye beads into designs and play with ancient signs and symbols--whether hidden away in a locket pendant or carved into metal clays.

Colors: Experiment with spicy tones of copper, orange, red and mahogany. Darker organic shades of pine, brown stone and licorice offer an earthy feel.

Materials: Design with antiqued copper and black metal chain; agates, ambers, jaspers and jades; DZi and eye beads.

The Look: Contrasting dark and light metals; copper finishes; tassel accents; cleverly incorporated ancient symbols, signs and sacred phrases.

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