The Spring/Summer 2011 season offers a striking blend of hot gems and beads for design inspiration. The following gemstones and jewelry-making components highlight overall trends in Pantone's Color Forecast for this season. Blackened metal and Hemalyke™ beads and components add a dark undertone to the season's creations. Lustrous oranges, reds, lavenders and creams showcase the color possibilities of natural spinel. Dione® large-hole beads offer the ability to create and re-create personal jewelry each day. And the hot Swarovski colors in 2011 give voice to the design possibilities in each of Pantone's highlighted trends: The Wanderer, The Seducer and The Revolutionary. The gleaming shades of greys and blacks, with pops of deep color, create designs that transition throughout the day and into the night for the warmer days of 2011.


Lustrous colors of orange, red, lavender, violet and cream make spinel easy to confuse with other gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, garnet and more. Finally identified as a separate gemstone in the 1850s, spinel is one of the few gemstone materials to escape enhancement and is available in its pristine, natural state. The orange-red variety is known as "flame spinel" and is the rarest and most valuable of all.

Dark Metal

Add a gothic twist to jewelry with antiqued or oxidized metal beads, findings, components and chain. While shining silver and gold will never go out of fashion, dark metal shades such as antiqued, blackened and gunmetal are true neutrals that transition well. Whether it's inspired by Steampunk, Messy Chain or other trends, darkened metals contrast well with polished metals, add a counterpoint to light-colored clothing and give depth to sparkling crystals and gemstones.

Hematite and Hematite AB (Hemalyke™)

Natural hematite and manmade Hemalyke™ offer the gunmetal colors that are so popular in jewelry and fashion. Electroplated rainbow coating casts a colorful blend of metallic purple, blue, green and gold iridescence over this deep grey stone. A beautiful neutral that takes a high reflective polish, hematite and Hemalyke™ are often also magnetized for additional reputed health benefits.

Dione® Large-Hole Beads

Commonly known as add-a-beads for popular mix-and-match bracelets and necklaces, this designer favorite is named for Dione, pronounced dee-OH-nee, the mythological mother of Aphrodite. Gorgeous Dione® large-hole glass beads feature 32 sparkling machine-cut facets and many are designed with grommet centers of either silver- or gold-plated brass, offered in a wide assortment of colors including jewel tones and iridescent AB coatings. Dione® beads are also available in pewter, gemstone, brass and sterling silver. Dione® large-hole beads slide easily onto chain, cord and ribbon and can be easily moved from one piece of jewelry to another.


The muted crystal tones of Vintage Rose and Montana connect beautifully with the gentle, faded colors of The Wanderer trend. Vintage Rose echoes the quiet colors of aged glass, while Montana recalls the deep teals in family photographs of long-ago summer vacations.


Lush and sultry colors Indian Pink and Hyacinth strut onto the stage with a fierce intensity in The Seducer trend. Indian Pink adds the colors of tropical flowers, while Hyacinth echoes the colors of curry, paprika and other exotic spices.

SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for The Revolutionary

Keep the contradictions together with Vitrail Medium and Emerald, bringing together futuristic metallics and time-honored deep jungle greens in The Revolutionary trend. Swarovski's Vitrail Medium overthrows the old rules about iridescence, while the tropical greens of Emerald offer a base for defiant new designs.


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