The spring/summer wedding season continues to put an emphasis on personality. Gone are the days of strict bridal fashion rules. Today's bride looks as stunning in a bold, oversized necklace in vintage colors, as in traditional crystals and pearls. Accessorizing for this season is all about romance, nostalgia and personal touches.

Bridal wear sees a continuation of feminine silhouettes and thoughtful details. Fitted bodices with ruffled, flouncy skirts are a favorite shape. Oversized rosettes are appearing everywhere from hair to skirts covered in the delicate flowers. In line with the continuing vintage trend, lace is making a comeback with entire gowns overlaid in the romantic, old-fashioned material. Asymmetry continues to be popular, from a large single flower in the hair, to one shouldered dresses.

When it comes to jewelry, looks from the runway are inspiring beautiful, unique pieces with personal style shining through. Here are three trends that are leading the way this season.


Jewelry pieces in vintage-inspired shapes and colors are right in line with one of the season's most prominent trends. Cropped veils in French netting rather than tulle (called birdcage veils) are a favorite for 2011. Think of the days when the bride packed a steamer trunk for the honeymoon and left the reception in a smart white going away outfit.

Brooches are one of the most popular interpretations of the vintage trend. Use in the traditional fashion, pinned onto the sash of your dress, or think outside the box. With their old fashioned charm, brooches look great attached to strands of pearls, hair combs, or as bouquet decorations. An elaborate crystal cuff bracelet in a soft, feminine color palate is sure to turn heads. Pearls in muted shades of grey, rose and dusty purple have an elegant, nostalgic charm.

Bold/Fashion Forward

For the bride who wants to stand out, big statement pieces are in! More and more brides and grooms are shying away from tradition and adding personal touches to every aspect of their big day. From a favorite pet as the ring bearer to a tux and tennis shoes for the groom, personalities are shining through in fun details.

Dramatic jewelry makes an unforgettable addition to wedding day attire. Color is finding a place in wedding jewelry from bold hues to subtle splashes. Even wedding bands are becoming a popular place to add color. Many brides are opting for gemstones in lieu of, or in addition to diamonds. For a unique look, think an eye-catching headband, a brightly colored necklace or a beautifully detailed cuff bracelet. These styles go best with a well tailored, simple gown.


Some styles exude timeless beauty and elegance, looking as at home on Chelsea Clinton in 2010 as they did on Grace Kelly in 1956. Traditional wedding pieces are often understated, sophisticated and demure. 2011 sees a continuation of this look, but with some updated touches.

Pearl and clear crystals are enduring key materials in bridal jewelry. For a modern look, AB finishes, mixed metals and oversized crystals are stylish choices. This style is usually comprised of one main piece, with other jewelry being simple and minimal. Matching sets of earrings, necklaces and/or a bracelet are also typical of this look.


Don't forget the groom! Today's groom is finding more ways to add his personal style to the wedding day. Many are opting for stylized footwear, patterned ties or even foregoing the traditional suit altogether. Handmade cufflinks with a personal touch let the groom's personality peek playfully from his cuff. A pendant with the bride and groom's initials is a romantic reminder of this special day.


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