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I work in bronze clay and I find that after firing the metal is dull even after polishing. I even changed the carbon recently. Can you tell me a solution to this problem?
- Marilyn
There can be a myriad of reasons why your bronze pieces are still dull after polishing. Here are a few of the recommended polishing methods:
  • Use a mild abrasive, such as pumice, for a soft, not bright, shine. Dip a damp finger or a baby toothbrush into the pumice powder and rub the metal in small circles until the desired shine is achieved
  • Polish pieces with 600 grit (grey) micron-graded polishing paper
  • Use a rotary grinding and polishing tool
  • Wire brush the surface for a satin finish
  • Polish your pieces in a tumbler using a shot mix of varied shapes and enough water (an inch above the items) and a squirt of liquid dish soap
- Kristal Wick, Designer, Author, Jewelry Making Expert and Swarovski Ambassador

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