Name: Christine Dwyer

Favorite Charity: Cancergrief.com

Website: www.cancergrief.com

I am the owner/designer/developer of Cancergrief.com as well as CG Handcrafted Jewelry. After the deaths of my best friend at 31 and my step dad at 70, both to lung cancer, I made a promise to never stop raising awareness and helping people touched by cancer. It is near and dear to me, as it was born of the greatest losses of my life.

I own and operate the CG Handcrafted Jewelry division of cancergrief.com. 15% of each sale is donated to cancer research. I have recently joined forces with The Bonnie J Addario Lung Cancer Foundation and have created a new division of cancergrief.com called ''Make Some Noise!!!...For Lung Cancer Awareness.'' You can visit the web site and learn more at make-some-noiseforlungcancer.webs.com.

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