Name: Marsha Millikin

Favorite Charity: American Cancer Society

Website: www.cancer.org

I've known about the American Cancer Society for years. I recently became active in fundraising due to a co-worker's passing from uterine cancer. She was only 40 years old and leaves behind two beautiful boys. Very tragic on so many levels. I know of no one who has not been affected by cancer.

I work for a major retailer who is one of the local sponsors for Relay for Life. To raise funds for Relay, I make awareness bracelets to sell at Relay events. The bracelets are very affordable costing $5-$10 each. Also the local people who head this event are wonderful people, easy to work with, and make all the work a lot of fun. Half of the money raised from bracelet sales goes to the ACS. The other half goes to purchase more materials to make more bracelets. It's a lot of fun to try and keep costs in line as well as design bracelets that are pretty enough to be worn every day. I've also designed men's bracelets--one of the biggest sellers is a light blue sodalite bracelet for prostate cancer. The men love it--it's masculine and celebrates their survival or the survival of one of their loved ones. By the way--most of the materials in the bracelet pictured are from Fire Mountain. Assortable pricing really helps keep the costs down :)

Name: Vikki Church

Favorite Charity: American Cancer Society

Website: www.americancancersociety.org

I'm a 40-year survivor of ovarian cancer and I lost my Grandmother and my sister to the same. I also lost my brother to cancer. My sister and I went to the Relay For Life to raise money for all cancers, both children's and adult's. I have been doing this now for 12 years, and I have three teams that help raise the money. I'm also a Team Captain, a staff member and a Chair for the Survivor Tent.

The American Cancer Society is my favorite charity because of all the cancer in my family, and my sister and I love what we were doing to find a cure for all the different kinds of cancer. The American Cancer Society has done so much to make it better in the last three years, and new things happen every day.

At the Relay For Life, which is in June every year, we have about 60 teams that all get together and raise as much money as we can that day, and all the months up until the day of the Relay. I make different color bracelets for different cancers and sell them at the Relay and donate 35% of my sales to the American Cancer Society. Last year my team raised $2,000 and our goal this year is $3,000. I make them with Swarovski crystals and beads of the different colors of ribbons, if I can find them. I can always find pink for breast cancer, but I always have trouble finding the other colors. I do this because it's a good way to help to find a cure.

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