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Acrylic Slat Conversion

This is the chart Tammy Honaman refers to in the ''Secrets to Metal Clay Success - Fundamentals'' instructional video.

Acrylic slats are used to control the thickness of metal and polymer clays while manually rolling them out. They are placed on either side of the clay--much like railroad tracks--and the roller is run over them until the clay is the same thickness as the slats.

Each color represents a different thickness. Some clay artists use playing cards to measure clay thickness and may refer clay being 1, 2 or more cards thick. The conversion between slats and playing cards is provided for you with this chart.

Slat Color Thickness
Inches Millimeters Playing Card
Black Acrylic Slat 0.01 inch 0.25mm 1
Yellow Acrylic Slat 0.02 inch 0.5mm 2
Green Acrylic Slat 0.03 inch 0.75mm 3
Blue Acrylic Slat 0.04 inch 1mm 4
Red Acrylic Slat 0.06 inch 1.5mm 6
Purple Acrylic Slat 0.08 inch 2mm 8

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