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Single-Strand Necklace with Tagua Nut Focal and Wood Beads

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Wood is one of the oldest known materials used in jewelry-making due to its availability and canvas for carving. The use of this natural product has come a long way as wood can now be processed, treated, dyed, carved and polished into beads, pendants and more. Wood beads are available in many different shapes, sizes and colors and designing with wood allows ...
Using flush-cutters cut one 26-inch length of Accu-Flex® professional-quality beading wire.
String the following onto the beading wire:
  • One sterling silver 2x2mm crimp bead
  • One Accu-Guard™ wire protector
  • The loop on one gunmetal-finished 15x12mm lobster clasp
Pass the beading wire back through the crimp bead. Pull the beading wire so the crimp rests snug against the loop of the Accu-Guard leaving approximately 1/4 inch of beading wire on the end. Place a small amount of adhesive (Loctite®) inside the crimp (optional).

Using crimping pliers crimp the crimp bead. Using flush-cutters trim the excess from the short end of the beading wire. Place one gunmetal-plated 4mm crimp cover over the crimp bead then gently close it.
String the following onto the beading wire:
  • Forty-two tan wood 5x4mm barrels
  • Repeat the following stringing sequence to create a total of two sets:
    • One dark forest green wood 5x4mm barrels
    • One coconut shell 12x3mm round tube
Continue to string:
  • One burnt wood 20x10mm twisted oval
  • One coconut shell 12x3mm round tube
  • One dark forest green wood 5x4mm barrels
  • One coconut shell 12x3mm round tube
  • Three tan wood 5x4mm barrels
  • One gunmetal-plated 6mm jumpring
Repeat the stringing sequence in Step 3 in the opposite direction, omitting the gunmetal-plated 6mm jumpring, to string the second half of the necklace.
Repeat Step 2 to attach the wire to one gunmetal-finished 14x10mm hammered open flat oval.
Using a pair of chain-nose pliers and bent-nose pliers open one gunmetal-plated 6mm jumprings and one gunmetal-plated 8mm jumpring.
Pass the 8mm jumpring through the hole in one tauga nut oval go-go focal. Close the jumpring. Pass one 6mm jumpring through the 8mm jumpring and the 6mm jumpring strung onto the necklace in Step 3. Close the jumpring.

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