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What is the best wire to use for making mother and grandmother letter bracelets? They are not real heavy but depending on the how many letters the name is and how many names to one bracelet will dictate the weight.


I am making a wrap bracelet but ran out of thread and not even quite half way through. How do I add more thread and also is it necessary to double my thread? I find it so hard to work with the super long pieces. Thanks so much! I love your website!

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Left over or unique one-of-a-kind beads are right at home when used as charms on a chain bracelet. The best part is many can be found at thrift shops or yard sales. But by far, my favorite spot is my local flea market. You can also use earrings.

- Latrice
Magnetic clasps on bracelets--I've found that when your clasp comes into contact with metal, i.e. shopping carts, etc. that it will come off and stick to the item and you don't feel it come off. I solved the problem by attaching a two-inch safety chain with a jumpring on each end and attaching the jumprings to the two jumprings on the clasp. The bracelet won't come off of your wrist.

- Sydney

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