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Have a great beading idea, technique or time-saving tip? View helpful tips from other beaders and submit your own to share with the worldwide jewelry-making community.

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Here is a simple way to display earrings for a show or at home. Use a staple gun to attach a piece of screening to the open section of a frame. Then just hook your earrings through the openings of the screen. Plain or fancy frames, whichever you prefer, they both look great!

- Carol
I make many pairs of pierced earrings with earwires rather than posts. It is easy to turn a mesh wastepaper basket upside down and hang the earrings around the basket. For display, put the basket on a turntable or Lazy Susan and you can fill the inside with colored cellophane and secure a mirror to the top (which is now the bottom since you flipped it over!).

- Pam
The cords of different colors that are made of rubber, to put on memory wire, can be used as earring backings. You simply cut a pair of small pieces, and you have instant backings! The whole in the tubing is just the right size for the size of earring wires.

- Heidi
Earring Backs Earring Backs

I have been making jewelry for many years and use Fire Mountain supply (Great quality, selection, prices and service!). I have been making some rather fanciful earrings lately and prefer to use ear wires rather than studs. Some of my designs end up slightly on the heavy side and I had been missing sales here and there to customers who don't like quite that much weight on ear wires. I purchased your cushioned comfort clutch earring backs for studs (H20-1212FN) and found I can use them on the ear wires. A quick alteration right at the gallery adapts them easily and doesn't change the appearance of the ear wires. I cut off a portion of the wire and bend it up to put the pad at the right angle to absorb some of the weight. The pics here are a little sloppy, but you can see what I'm doing. The customers are pleased and I am now making those sales. I even toss in extra backs sometimes for good will. In one case, I even used extras as a bargaining chip.

- Nancy Bartusch
Earrings and Zzzzz's

The majority of damage to earrings occur overnight. During sleep, you toss, you turn, and you put loads of unnecessary stress on earrings. Remove earrings before going to bed.

- Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Tip
Easy Earwires Template

If you like to make your own wire earring hoops, a cheap and sturdy mandrel can be made from the white connectors used for PVC. They come with outside dimensions from 1.25 to 2.75 inches making them perfect earring hoop sizes.

- Yvonne from Arizona
  Tighten Your Earnuts

Easily tighten "too loose" earnuts or adjust them for use on smaller posts with your round-nose pliers. Place the nose of the pliers into the earnut loops and tighten.

- Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Tip
7 Items(s) Found.
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