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Have a great beading idea, technique or time-saving tip? View helpful tips from other beaders and submit your own to share with the worldwide jewelry-making community.

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When buying components online to match a component I already have, I like to take a picture of the one I have, then upload the picture onto my computer to compare it to the one I want to buy, incase my monitor isn't displaying colors correctly.

- Carly
Freeze Frame

Take a wood picture frame, remove the glass, then staple or nail lace to the back. This creates a wonderful frame to hang on the wall to hold earrings and they make great gifts. Plus you can choose any size and style of frame depending on the amount of earrings you have.

- Kira from Oregon
Sushi Cute Earring Display

I discovered the perfect display for earrings - the sushi mat! The grooves in the mat allow for you to insert the earrings for display whether they are with fishhook earring findings or studs. The light bamboo beige of the sushi mats also help to accentuate the earrings on display.

- Shu Wei from Singapore
Framed Display

If you want to display your jewelry but don't want to purchase anything expensive, use the back of picture frames that can be bought for as little as $2.99. Put a little batting on it and cover it with felt. It stands up perfectly and looks professional.

- Diane from Ohio
Jewelry Sales Tip: Easy Care

A great sales technique is to remind your customers that jewelry is easy to care for and is always ready-to-wear!

- Susanne, Oregon
Jewelry Sales Tip: Share the Style

Customers love that, unlike shoes and clothing, one size fits all with most jewelry. Jewelry can be gifted and shared among friends, passed along to family members and enjoyed for years and years

- Susanne, Oregon
Jewelry Sales Tip: Instant Makeover

I like to share that women pay a great deal for new hairstyles, make-up and more. Jewelry offers an instant makeover and boost of confidence at a great value. It's easy to create any desired look with the right jewelry.

- Susanne, Oregon
Jewelry Sales Tip: Stand Out from the Crowd

I like to tell my customers that jewelry is the secret to creating great personal style. A well chosen piece makes any outfit new again (easily reinventing an existing wardrobe), offers confidence to its wearer and provides a conversation-starting statement.

- Susanne, Oregon
Keeping Track of Prices

I like to peel the Fire Mountain labels off the plastic shopping bags and stick them inside my bead compartments so that I always know exact sizes, types of metals and gems, etc. Sometimes I even write prices on there to keep track of the value of the pieces I'm making to sell.

- Nicole from Maine
Thrifty Jewelry Displays

I go to thrift stores to find neat things to display my necklaces and so on. Coffee mug holders make a beautiful display for necklaces and bracelets. And cheap too! I found 2 light oak ones for 59 cents each! Shop around, use your imagination!

- Jessica, WA
Using a Tailors Knot

When knotting thread at the beginning or the end of your work, the first and very last knot, make a tailor's knot. Going around the thread between 2 beads, pull that thread of the loop towards you to close next to the bead. Bring needle through that circle again and pull tight to close.

- Darquise Decoz, Jewelry Crafts, March/April 2006
11 Items(s) Found.
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