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Have a great beading idea, technique or time-saving tip? View helpful tips from other beaders and submit your own to share with the worldwide jewelry-making community.

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Many of my orders from Fire Mountain Gems arrive in flat Priority Mail boxes that are about 9 x 12 inches. A bead mat fits in nicely and any unfinished project that needs to be put on hold can be stacked and stored neatly.

- Mary from Washington
My dog's moist food comes in little plastic white trays. I (obviously!) wash them out and reuse them to hold current bead projects. They're also perfect for paints and powders. The octagonal shape of them even allows me to poor the tiniest seed beads back in the bag.

- Christine
Cigar boxes to hold plastic templates and cash box. Broccoli elastics that hold lots of things in place. Christmas ornament hooks for displaying. Painter's canvas drop cloth for a tablecloth. Soup can tins to hold my scissors and tools. Toothpicks to spread glue. White plastic takeout containers with clear lids for sand and quill storage.

- Karen
You can keep your creations in cellophane bags, or take photos of them, so you can visualize your progress.

- Gina
I use antique pipe stands to hold hand tools, such as pliers and cutters. Originally intended to hold a variety of smoking pipes, some of these stands also have boxes incorporated that initially held tobacco. These keep tools organized and close at hand.

- Kim
I use "parts cabinets" to sort all my jewelry making supplies. The labels from Fire Mountain are easy to trim, leaving the item # and the name and size beads etc., these fit the individual drawers. Makes things easy to sort and find.

- Vickie
I use a 3-tier shoe tree for displaying necklaces. Slip the necklace over one or two shoe holders and you can hang matching bracelets too. The best part is each of the 3 tiers rotates. And the tower takes up vertical space on my display table, leaving room for other items.

- Sally
I use display inserts and little plastic vials w/lids (H20-2404PK) to hold my beads. Several of these will fit in each section of my sectioned bead box. I organize by color so this keeps the beads separated nicely.

- Linda
I use Tic Tac and pill bottles to store beads. The Tic Tac holders have the convenient hole in the top and are great for smaller beads.

- Lucia
I store my beads in clear plastic bags, either 2x3 or smaller, inside clear plastic shoe boxes. I have 12 boxes labeled according to type such as Czech, Swarovski, pearl/MOP, wood, silver, gold, nameable gemstones, black/white/hematite, etc. On the bags I label: size, cost, bead name and then I figure price per bead and write that on the label as well. I also keep the Fire Mountain label so I can order again.

- Paula
I use lids from plastic containers such as yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. to place my beads in while I am making my bracelets or necklaces. They are small enough to fit several on my desk, even if I have many different types in one project.

- Paula
It's tempting to have a matched set of jewelry-making tools. But, I like the fact that the handles on my most-used tools are all different. When I had an all blue set I had to stop concentrating on my project to identify the wanted tool by its shape and function. Now when it's time for me to change from chain-nose (red handles) to round-nose (zebra-striped handles) pliers I only need a quick glance at my work surface to identify what I need next.

- Judi
I found out that a cheap toilet paper holder mounted on a piece of wood works great as a dispenser for the Silkon® brand thread. So does a vertical paper towel holder. Keeps everything organized, and it's easy to "reload" when I run out of a spool. For other spool types, I use a dowel rod resting in a Y-fork of some kind or another. Sometimes I mount it on a wall, sometimes I just leave it free-standing.

- Lara
I use over the door shoe organizers with clear pockets to store my beads and focals. They are organized by color to make it easy to find what I am looking for when creating a piece.

- Bonnie
I use 7-day pill planners for storing beads 4mm and smaller. These work great.
  1. They are transparent - you can see colors.
  2. They have extra-large compartments. I have 100 4mm beads in some compartments. They could hold more.
  3. The kind I use have easy open push buttons. Snap open easily; snap closed securely. (Arthritis Foundation® recommended.)
I like the 7-day size. There is a double size one with 14 compartments, but I find it cumbersome. So far I use them for crystals and glass beads. I may start using them for crimps, crimp covers, and all those tiny little parts we need to keep organized and at hand!

- Diana
I have a stand and plastic tubes but it is still hard to find the tube I want to use. So I labeled the tubes and VELCRO® them to the wall. Now it is easy to find what I need to use.

- Walter
Use a round two-tier spice rack to hold your small spacer beads. The rack turns and is easy for you to see your supplies.

- Jo Ann
A desktop hardware organizer with drawers is a great way to store beads and clean up your workspace.

- Kristene
Use nuts and bolts hardware storage boxes - the kind with drawers - to store finished goods ready for sale. Put a removable label with your inventory number on each drawer. File pieces alphanumerically. No more frustrated searches for an item when you have sold it on the web!

- Mary
I use baby food jars to put my beads and other small things in. I remove the labels and glue from the jars. You can place the jars on a shelf, I stack one on the other, very easy to see what's in the jars. This works great for me, hope it works for you too.

- Debra
99 Items(s) Found.
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