Swarovski® Crystal Bead Patterns and Jewelry-Making Resources

Swarovski brings inspiration through Swarovski crystal patterns and designs. Browse Swarovski Create Your Style contest-winning pieces, current trends and articles and plan your own Swarovski workshop with FREE downloadable materials.


Let the sparkling elegance of Swarovski be your muse -- browse the design inspirations in the Gallery of Designs, many projects include complete materials lists.

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View the detailed, illustrated techniques of Swarovski magical projects - elaborate designs made easy.

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Swarovski® Crystal Trends and Articles

FREE downloadable articles from Swarovski Crystal to fill you with design inspiration. Print to use in classes and share with friends.

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Swarovski E-Book 2015

Magic awaits you. Inside this captivating e-book, discover a world of Swarovski trends, inspirations and project designs for 2015. Create, Reinvent. Innovate. Let the magic of Swarovski take you away.

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