The Jooltool an innovative multi-functional tool for every jewelry maker

  • Designed with a convenient carrying handle, the revolutionary Jooltool™ is the ideal multi-functional tool ideal for countless jewelry-making tasks. The easy-to-use Jooltool system includes an instructional DVD, Ninja backpad, four 3M™ abrasives, a bristle brush and a polishing pad with compound.
  • Portable, modular tool can also be bolted to a work surface for multi-directional use
  • Exceptional tool for grinding, sharpening, sanding, polishing and more
  • Ninja See-Thru™ technology allows you to fully view projects while working for precise, accurate results
  • Positioned horizontally, will function as a traditional buffing wheel
  • Features a handy storage tray which attaches to the front for wet work
  • For even more versatility, Flexade converts the Jooltool system into a flexible shaft machine
  • Can be used with a variety of attachments to greatly broaden use


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