Free Pair of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 12mm Butterfly Beads with Swarovski Crystal Purchase

Whether your design calls for precious metal or stainless steel, colorful copper or aluminum, you’ll find the right jewelry-making wire for your projects here:

  • A variety of materials, shapes and gauges for wire-wrapping and wire crochet, including sterling silver wire and gold-filled wire.
  • Zebra Wire™ colored-copper wire, niobium wire and coated aluminum wire bring color to designs.
  • Memory wire easily creates necklaces, bracelets and rings that hold their shape.
  • French wire protects threads and beading wire.
  • And more!
Precious Metal Wire Shape Chart

Save $$ Buy Beading Needles in Bulk

Save money per item – and save time reordering – by bulking up on the memory wire end beads you use most. Take advantage of bulk package sizes, in best-selling styles. Repackage for quick and profitable resale.

Bulk Memory Wire End Beads