Fusing Glass Frit in a Slumping Mold

Create fused glass pendants and components with a new selection of glass frit, ceramic slumping molds, glass separator and kiln wash, all compatible with the paragon kiln or other standard kilns. All colors of glass frit are COE 96 and available in coarse and medium grits.

ARTICLE - Fusing Glass Frit in a Slumping Mold

Fusing Glass in the Microwave Kiln

Design your own one-of-a-kind fused glass focals and components with glass pieces, stringers, glass cutting tools, glass separator and the microwave kiln. The microwave kiln fits in standard household microwaves and fuses glass in less time than a standard kiln. The microwave kiln is com- patible with a variety of glass pieces and stringers. Both are available in opaque and transparent colors as well as clear; stringers are also available in an array of dichroic colors.

ARTICLE - Fusing Glass in the Microwave Kiln

Applying Glass Enamels in Paint Form

Personalized pendants and focal components can be made by adding enamel multipens to bisque components then firing them in a standard kiln, like the Paragon SC2. Multipens come in a variety of colors and can be applied using one of two tip sizes or with a paintbrush. The enamels can be applied to glass, metal or any of the bisque ceramic beads, pendants or focals, all in popular shapes.

PROJECT - Applying Enamel Multipens to a Bisque Teardrop

HOW-TO - Opening a Multipen and Adding a Fine Tip

Foiling and Soldering

Soldering foiled glass pieces or pre-cut art glass panes creates a stained-glass style pendant or component. For this tinning technique, shop for copper foil, lead-free solder, soldering iron or torch, glass and low-fume or paste flux. Add in designer papers, glue foil, metal leaf and more to create a style all your own.

ARTICLE - Stained Glass Method of Foiling and Soldering

Starter Kits

Glass Bead-Making Kit

Get started making your own glass beads with this all-inclusive starter kit. Includes all the following essentials:

  • 90-COE glass rods (15)
  • Self-igniting torch (fuel available at hardware or craft stores)
  • Stainless steel mandrels (12)
  • Heat-resistant work surface
  • Fiber blanket
  • Texturizing marvers (2)
  • Bead rake and release
  • Canister holder

Glass Fusing Starter Kit

Melt 90-COE glass in a standard home microwave using this innovative kiln. Starter kit includes:

  • Pendant, earring & bracelet findings
  • Glass sheets
  • Millefiori glass
  • Confetti glass
  • Metallic patterned glass
  • Hot mitts
  • Glass cutter
  • Kiln paper
  • Complete instructions
  • Kiln (5-1/2" x 5-1/2")