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SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS New Colors & Shapes for Spring / Summer 2014

Announcing the newest color innovations from SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS for Spring/Summer 2014! You won't believe the beautiful colors and sparkling shapes until you see them for yourself.

Light Silk

The classic beauty of light silk offers a satiny champagne hue in a sophisticated shade. Revealing a soft mixture of brown and peach tones, this color lends itself to vintage metals giving the look of understated elegance.

Crystal Rose Gold

The crystal rose gold effect brings together the beauty of crystal and the refinement of precious metal. Available in rose gold half coated (1X) rounds or fully coated (2X) bicones, the result is a delicate golden hue balanced with a softly muted tinge of pink.

Crystal Rose Gold Pearl

The stunning simplicity of crystal rose gold pearl offers a creamy shade of gold with an irresistible chic vintage effect. The crystal rose gold pearl enhances the crystal pearls assortment with an elegant and silky gold tone and a soft burnished sparkle.

Shapes for Spring / Summer 2014

Heart Flat Back
Article no. 2808

The Heart Hotfix Flat Back (2808) is a declaration of love to romantic silhouettes, showcasing a classic heart shape. This completely new addition to Swarovski's flat backs lets designers create playful and timeless looks in their jewelry, accessories and fashion lines.

Globe Bead
Article no. 5028/4

Swarovski's precisely round Globe Bead (5028) is perfect simplicity. The Globe Bead's completely round shape makes it an exceptional and extremely versatile carrier for any color, finish or surface effect.

Meteor Pendant
Article no. 6673

The meteor pendant works well for rock, space, or opulently glamorous looks due to its asymmetric, astral elegance. With its unique cut and brilliant depth, the extraordinarily meteor pendant exudes otherworldly beauty.

XILION Oval Pendant
Article no. 6028

The Xilion oval pendant adds a touch of eye-catching shimmer to any design thanks to the brilliant Xilion cut. It is available in multiple sizes and a stunning array of colors and effects that can be combined with other existing Xilion shapes.

Line Expansion

Lemon Fancy Stone
Article no. 4230

The spectacular lemon fancy stone is a fresh new interpretation of two classics. The navette shape and the elegant facets of the chessboard cut are merged into a streamlined convex lemon shape. It is ideal for creating floral patterns but also facilitates abstract modern design.

Shapes in New Colors

Swarovski cosmic ring (4139) and faceted square ring fancy stone (4439) are now available in additional colors. Brilliant crystal rings with precision- made angular cuts create spectacular light reflection.

Fern Green / Topaz

Introducing SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Crystal Blends – fascinating two-toned crystals that bring some of the most popular crystal colors together in one striking bead. With the renowned Swarovski sparkle, each half of the bead features a different color to create a stunning look with every turn.

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