Innovations from Swarovski crystal - Fall & Winter 2016

Pre-Season Launch Fall/Winter 2016-17: New Shapes

You'll love the two latest crystal shape Innovations from Swarovski: the Edelweiss pendant (both clear and frosted) and the Infinity pendant. Both showcase Swarovski's fine cutting and signature sparkle. Be the first to offer your customers these crystal creations.

Edelweiss - Article no. 6748, 6748/G

Edelweiss Pendant - Swarovski crystal for Fall/Winter 2016-17
Now Available!

The edelweiss--the precious flower of the Alps--was the Swarovski company logo for almost a century. Like Swarovski

itself, it stands for authenticity and tradition. Celebrating its 120th anniversary, Swarovski has developed the innovative Edelweiss cut to commemorate its rich cultural heritage and showcase a vintage floral appeal with an urban, modern twist. The Edelweiss pendant is available in the standard polished cut and, like a breath of fresh mountain air, an innovative partly frosted version.

The Infinity Cut - Article no. 6792

The Infinity Cut - Swarovski crystal for Fall/Winter 2016-17
Now Available!

The magic of crystal tells a story with no beginning and no end. As a tribute to its 120th anniversary, Swarovski

celebrates its past, present and future, all symbolized in the endlessly entwined knot and dynamic stairway cut of the Infinity pendant. These undrilled components are attached through one of the loops using a jumpring or bail, strung directly on cord and wire, or sewn on as embellishment.

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