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My shopping experiences with Fire Mountain Gems have always been more than a creative pleasure! They've helped me fashion amazing hand-crafted wood and stone creations--thanks to their wide selection of designer-quality, natural stones. The personally eye-selected stones from the easy to use website appear as though they were meant to be strung or linked next to our hand-carved/lathed wooden beads--out of exotic and domestic woods. The end result is an exotic, one-of-a-kind designs that can be listed for a fair and affordable price--thanks to their special offers and discounts. Thank you so much, Fire Mountain Gems, for inspiring creativity and encouraging acts of giving and paying it forward!
- Anonymous
I find your information very helpful; however when I click on a read the article the print that comes up is so small I have a difficult time reading it. Can it be printed in a larger text? This would help a lot. Thank You,
- Linda
You are wonderful! I only purchase from the best and you are it!! I have never had a problem or received defective or ugly products ... thank you!
- Lori
You meet your GOOOOOOOOALS!!!!!! You do it very well. Thank you very much for working well. A big hug, especially for Michelle, Lilly and Mindy.

Once again I would like to thank you for filling another fabulous order. I have taken my love of beading into a summer art camp with my oldest daughter who is also an art teacher. Our bead table is the big hit of everyone's summer. Thank you for being our go to source.
- Stephanie
The last time I ordered a product from Fire Mountain, it was extremely inferior, headpins that were anything but straight, and unusable.
- Joanne
Yesterday I received an e-mail with the same adhesive info as on your website, so I called and spoke to Claudia. She was very helpful, professional and friendly and I wanted to let you know that she made my day by answering my question and narrowing down my choice of what glue to use for pearls.

People always email to voice their dismay but I wanted to email voicing my pleasure with the service I received from Claudia.
- Mary
I must commend your staff on the fabulous job they did on my order. What a chore that must have been to pick and pack. It took me hours to check everything in my order and I am reeling from the amount of work and I had the easy part! I had way too much fun ordering during your Dutch auction as I'm sure every buyer did as well. Thank you so much to you and your staff for a job well done. God Bless,
- Bonnie
First time I am not happy with the service, for years always my order was shipped with Fedex, this time it came with UPS, oh what a bad experience, a long waiting time. Anyway I received it, thank you.
- Josuena
You are doing great!
- Beth
Just want to let you know that you're the best! I will always be coming back for more. Thank you so much :)
- Denise
Just want to say Thank You for being here for us beaders. I am a disabled person and beading has become my passion, being disabled has made my income very limited and with all the wonderful options and prices you give us makes it a little easier for me to keep doing what I love. So once again, thank you very much.
- Amelia
I just received my order and I am very displeased. I bought 50 of Item Number: H20-7142KX. It was supposed to be different shapes and 23 of them are just small beads. I was hoping for big beads too in different colors! I'm so disappointed.
- Danielle
Hello! I just want to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job supplying me, and others like me, (beginners), with the right materials and tools, to create beautiful jewelry. I enjoy ordering and receiving my orders. It's like Christmas, at least, once a month! Thank you and keep up the great work! Sincerely,
- Susan
The gemstone resource guide, which shares all physical and metaphysical information is very valuable to my work. I cannot wait to receive my first order from Fire Mountain, I have used many of your resources for years and now finally able to get my business off the ground thanks to your Dutch Auction Sale and the Grace of God!!! Thank You Guys at Fire Mountain!
- Susan
Hello! Recently I have been very interested in making my own bracelets and other stuff for me and also for my friends, and I was checking out good places to buy beads and jewelry-making items from. Fire Mountain Gems seemed like the obvious choice but the shipping cost really ruined it for me, with a student budget and hardly any money and the shipping cost at the cheapest was 32 Euros (I live in Finland), which I really cannot afford so I was wondering if there was any way to get it down, at least in the future. Thank you! With high hopes :)
- Joonas
Hi! I'm in Australia and have just sent in a new order. I teach a group of ladies beading in a craft group each week, and we were quite thrilled to discover Fire Mountain! I have, of course, seen it a lot of times advertised, but one time that I went on it, I found it confusing. I dunno why, because it definitely isn't! We will be ordering from time to time as we are very pleased with the choice and range of your products. Only a little disappointed that I discovered the sale towards the end, and as I was waiting for everyone to get their orders to me, things were disappearing left and right from my order form!! And, of course, after releasing the order, I thought of a lot of items I had not looked at, i.e. findings, but we will just have to get together another order, won't we? Nice to meetcha! Thanx so much.
- Sandi
I received my first order a short while ago and wanted to say how excited I was to receive it, it was like Christmas, I am thrilled with all my goodies and how fast I received my order. I have just now made my next order. thanks again and I look forward to many more purchases in the future. I have learned many new skills with your online videos and have perfected some old skills.
- Lisa
Your video tutorials and online chat help were awesome--thank you.
- Debbie
I received my order yesterday. As always it's what I expected and often, More. Thank You for Being The Excellent Company that You Are! Aloha,
- Momi
Love, love, love the pendants I recently bought from you, but I was disappointed in your selection of cows, bulls and cattle. Are you antibovinites:) I even looked up Taurus on your search engine. Nada, Nothing: Your elephants, lions and other animals are lovely. As a Taurus I am deeply disappointed in this anticow bigotry:) I hope you have a better selection sometime in the future especially from Blue Moon. Have a good day.
- Doreen
2023 Item(s) Found.
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