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I would like to thank the Fire Mountain Gems staff for processing my order in a flash. Due to my overwhelmingly busy schedule, I was not able to place the order until last Thursday and I receive it Monday (just 4 days later). Thank you, thank you, thank you. I definitely will order again when I have money.
- Anonymous
I just received my first order from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, wow!! I really love everything in my order. Top quality and unbeatable pricing. My order was delivered the day it was promised. I am so excited with my order. Cannot wait to order more. Thank you to everyone there that put this all together for me. I will be recommending you to all my jewelry and crafting friends everywhere.
- Patricia
I get such great deals I canceled the other bead company which I use to order from. I now go with Fire Mountain. Thank you,
- Cathy
I love your products and service. The only problem I have is that I am a hobbyist and cannot afford to do most of your projects. I cannot spend $100+ to make a piece of jewelry. I wish you could make some projects or alternate projects that are less costly and may not include Swarovski (as beautiful as they are) crystals. Thank you for your consideration.
- Jane
Hello I have ordered stuff online and my package comes with a catalog booklet. I do kind of poke around in the book, but prefer to order online and I would like to know are the item names/serial names etc. the same as online? I would also like to say I think this would be about my 3rd time ordering from you guys and so farm I'm REALLY happy with your service. My package arrived just today (like only 2-3 day wait time :D) and it had a small free sample. I thought that was a cool thing for you guys to do. The sample I received I would never have known about or went and looked for it, but I looked at it for a min or 2 and it gave me a few ideas for some future projects so I think I might order me more of that item and would you guys be interested in pictures of my projects?
- Eric
Every time I receive an order, I receive a free gift from Fire Mountain! Some of them have been really cool, like the 6" stainless steel millimeter ruler (I use it all of the time!) or the recent pocket beader (love the standard to metric chart!). Anyway, I've been meaning to say "thank you" for a very long time. You guys are great in so many ways!
- Heather
I LOVE that I can ALWAYS depend on the INSTANTLY helpful AND KNOWLEDGEABLE folks of Fire Mountain to answer this kind of stuff! I LOVE my new hobby with jewelry buying, building and repairing AND ALSO creating from scratch as well. To think that prior to 2014 all I owned were a few watches, and now since my VERY lucrative discovery of vintage jewelry on eBay, AND YOU GUYS, MAN have I EVER changed that! Thanks so much once again, I will be placing an order for some MORE parts, and equipment to FURTHER expand my field of knowledge, AND abilities. I'm about a month from retirement and am looking forward to continue being a customer of Fire Mountain, and having fun with hand tools and shiny stuff!
- Orest
I am new to beading and so I have to purchase supplies and I went crazy and ordered a ton of supplies. I was surprised that I paid on average about $2 an item. I loved everything I ordered and some were prettier than I remembered. Love this company, keep up the good work.
- Janet
Just a suggestion... it would be nice if you would mark on the label whether a jumpring is open or closed (soldered shut). Several times a year I order jumprings to restock and I am usually ordering some open and some closed. By the time the order arrives I don't remember which is which so then I have to examine them closely to see which is which. Thank you for such great products and great service--I never have big problems with my order, only an occasional minor one. But since this little one has occurred to me more than once, I thought I would mention it.
- Kathy
Thanks again. We ordered on a Thursday and everything arrived in good order on Monday. My wife has distributed 6 requests for your catalog to her classmates at her silversmithing course. We have no problems recommending Fire Mountain!
- Robert
All I can say is WOW! What fast and professional service. And a big thank you. I will be making an order with Fire Mountain this week. Regards,
- Ingrid
Just a comment, I am very pleased with your service and products. Have already told several people at our local craft store about the wonderful product and service you provide. I am new to jewelry-making.
- Linda
Shipping cost is way too high! Due to Norwegian custom rules I must shop for at most $33 to avoid 25% tax + ca $30 handling fee. Shipping cost is nearly the same as order value. I have shopped with other US bead stores who have shipped at ca 1/3 of your cost. I will be reluctant to shop again.
- Anne
Just received my order yesterday and was so excited. Your service is excellent: accuracy in order, speedy delivery, as well as nicely packaged. I'm a very small customer, but felt my order was given just as much attention as a large buyer. That says a lot for your company. Thank you.
- Debra
I just wanted to mention how much I love your company! I can get just about anything I need and the prices are good. Your shipping is amazing! The $5 flat fee is great and my order usually arrives in only 2-3 days! Whenever I need something quickly, you are the only ones I order from. Thank you so much!
- Vicki
Hello. First, please let me say that I LOVE Fire Mountain Gems. I am not your most important customer, however I have been ordering from you for a few years now. My concern is with your mobile website changes. I used to be able to add to my cart item by item without having to leave the page on which I was browsing. How inconvenient to have to bounce back and forth to get a description and/or add an item to my cart. What happened to the ability to view more than 20 items per page? I use the mobile website in order to avoid having to drag out my laptop. I would appreciate the restoration of previous version.
- Deborah
I am pleased so far with your service and product. When I am not I simply return the item(s).
- Malinda
Thank you for taking the time to respond in a timely manner to me about my question. I really do appreciate Fire Mountain Gems and order from them as often as I have the money. You are the best company in my book!!
- Lynn
You are doing great!! Keep it up. It is nice to see that the customer comes first for a change. Thanks!!!
- Linda
I just received a phone book sized paper catalog from you in the mail. Please don't send this again. I've never ordered by any method other than your website (because it's 2014 and why wouldn't I use the most convenient method), and I can't figure why you'd send a web customer this unless specifically requested. It's a colossal waste of paper, money, and energy.
- Laurie
1910 Item(s) Found.
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