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I received your email today that is geared towards Father's Day. I am shocked you actually thought any MAN or FATHER would enjoy and want to wear the necklace you showed in the advertisement. Shame on you for not giving the dads out there a little more respect. I love your beads and your company. I will continue to shop on your website. Whoever thought someone out there should make a necklace like that for dad on Father's Day should have their job terminated. I hope you rethink your advertising for dad next year.
- Mandy
I get very frustrated as my only computer is a laptop and my eyes are now "of that age"... It would be really nice if I could see the photos blown up. Maybe a coin or ruler for comparison so we don't get thinking that it's too big or too small, More detail is always nice.
- Kristine
Just wanted to say I am very happy with the angel wing beads I ordered and was very surprised to get them so fast...Will order from you guys again. Thx for the great service.
- Tammy
Have you totally changed your online shopping catalog, or has my iPad gone crazy on me? I now have lost my quick way around your catalog!!! Human nature doesn't like change, you know.
- Mary
So pleased with my first order with you: arrived really quickly, perfectly packaged and such great prices too. I also LOVE your website and the newsletters, especially the tutorials and resources. As a new jewelry maker, these are invaluable. Many thanks from Australia!
- Kirsten :-)
Wonderful, I love your company, it's the only one I use for beads and findings. Thank you,
- Cubby
I am just curious why something that originates in Grants Pass, Oregon is sent to Indiana to send it to me in Palm Springs, California back on the West coast. Seems like extra trouble and wasted time and delays my order.
- Andre
I received my rather long order today and am thrilled with it! Thank you for such speedy service. I WILL be ordering from your company again in the near future!
- Deanna
Received my treasure chest of joy today. I honestly stare, hold and then open very slowly each piece bit by bit savoring every item. Wow, I have no words. You guys are awesome.
- Margret
The information on gemstones was wonderful. I appreciated the presentation of each gemstone, including the "scientific" properties. Thank you Chris and Stuart for your great resources!
- Karen
In your Jewelry Makers' Library I just now figured out what (for me) is missing: you have no "Gemstone" sections for necklaces, bracelets, etc. There is a "Turquoise" section, but I like to make a LOT of gemstone things with no turquoise or silver. I'm sure you are aware of this and I am only curious as to why you haven't included it--not offended at all.
- Sydney
This week's newsletter has wonderful articles! I copy, hole punch, and save them in a binder. Fire Mountain is my "go to" for supplies and information. I've been designing and selling my jewelry for about 4 yrs. and have learned a lot from you folks. My orders are always filled quickly and accurately. I don't know how you get them to me here in New York so fast! Thanks for everything.
- Diane
After reading the article I am now going to also open a Facebook page connected to my other Facebook page to promote my business and to communicate with my customers. The article was helpful! Thank you! I love your products and your newsletter! Cheers,
- Kim
Thank you very much for the article on marketing new businesses. I have been making jewelry at home and now have enough stock to open an online store at Etsy and Ebay.

Would have appreciated hearing about promotion ideas/methods these sites are capable of. Small businesses need help, not big businesses.
- Kacy
I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know that you officially have three generations of life-long customers in my family, and maybe your youngest fan yet! I've been an avid beader all my life, and my mother beads as well; we discovered Fire Mountain when I was all of seven years old, and we've both been buying most of our beads, tools, and other supplies from you ever since! Now, 25 years later, my own daughter at two years old is already anxious to begin playing with beads as well. She learned her colors from the Swarovski bicones pictured in your catalogs! Her very first beads in her very first pieces of jewelry came from you. Just wanted to thank you for so many years of excellent products, prices, and customer service, and all the wonderful memories they created. It's a truly special company that can become part of our family the way you have!
- Elizabeth
You guys are WONDERFUL! Expedient, great inventory, efficient! Love ordering from you and have recommended you to everyone!
- Johana
It's hard to imagine a company your size remains patient. Professional, but still like my sister, or best friend... I'm disabled, don't get out a lot and my beads are my sanity. Your employees are very kind. I apologize for starting orders and not finishing them. The truth is they are lost somewhere in this computer, and I have no idea where they go. I was in New Mexico. But surgery has brought me back to Arizona. Thank you, you're an awesome group of people.
- Marylou
Fire Mountain ROCKS !! (no pun intended) ... I've ordered twice in the last week (plus several times before) and could not be more pleased with the prices and the customer service received ... my orders have both been received here in Ogden, Utah within 3--count 'em--3 Days!!! What a pleasant surprise ... Thank You, Thank You and Thank You
I am so impressed with your website--it is so convenient and easy to use and fast with no glitches as other sites. I love your products also.
- Martha
Good Afternoon, I am very happy with my new order of # H20-A1981CL and very satisfied with it compared to my first order of it because almost 1/4 of it was unusable for rosary bracelets that we are making (cracks, no holes, deformed). My new order has more colors/gemstones than the first one. Thank you and over all I'm totally satisfied with all my orders. More powers.
- Janette
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